Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

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    Default going to the Sheriff Court v RBS

    Hi I'm trying again on two points.
    Have sent all the letters and recvd all the 'get losts' so the sheriff court is my next step.
    My total charges are approx 2500 so will the sheriff court accept 4 small action claims at the same time or do I need to wait while each is settled in turn.
    Do you need an actual managers name on the summons or does it suffice to put the action against RBSicon with a branch address.
    I cannot wait to log these.
    Just a small point. I have split the spreadsheet (Calc of penalty charges and interest charges unlawfully deducted) into four time periods to stay within the 750 limit. The end column (interest on penalties) seems to go amiss. I have manually adjusted.

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    Default Re: going to the Sheriff Court v RBS

    I was wondering the same thing, I've got a way to go before getting to that point, I havn't even received back my statements yet, but I wondered the same thing.

    I also wondered if you could file against an English RBSicon address so that you can go for the 6 yearsicon as opposed to 5, and have the maximum 5000 limit. (I do line in Scotland, and I did open the account in Scotland, so I guess not?)

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    Default Re: going to the Sheriff Court v RBS

    Just remembered seeing this :

    It allows you to claim up to 1500, so could perhaps submit 2 of these instead of 4 of the small claimsicon ones.

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    Default Re: going to the Sheriff Court v RBS

    RBSicon got a bit stupid with me when I asked for statements. They initially sent me a whole load of docs incl glossary of terms, copies of all my details ie driving license, initial application form etc . I phoned them and told them they had gone wrong. Still took another couple of weeks to get correct paperwork. I think they have set up a dept of cheeky tricks.
    Thanks for that website. I'll have a look around and keep you informed.

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