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    Default RBS - Incurred bank Charges after working there!

    Hi All,

    This is a tricky one so i'll try and cut it short....

    About a year ago, I was employed at RBSicon. I left after 3 months, and received a small payment the month following my leaving for pay I was owed. One month later, I received a letter from RBS stating that I had been overpaidicon by 300.00 and this would be deducted from my NatWest payroll account a week later (Note - working for RBS means you have to have a RBS group payroll bank account)

    After telephoning RBS and instructing them I could not afford this, and asking the make a reasnoble payment arrangement, they flat out refused. I then withdrew all monies from the account and placed a complete bar on transactions. Low and behold! The bank withdrew the money anyway! (taking 300.00 from an account with a 0.00 balance!)

    I telephoned RBS and got passed from HR, to Payroll, to my old line manager and back again. I have received no evidence of overpaymenticon, and advised RBS that under no circumstances would I repay any of this money without evidence.

    About a month ago, I received a default notice on this account which has racked up 400.00 (plus the original 300.00) in default fees and interest. I approached my NatWest bank manager and asked him to intervene, although sympathetic he was unable to help at all.

    I then sent a formal letter of complaint to Natwest advising I was placing my account in dispute, to which they replied it was nothing to do with them as my complaint was with RBS!

    I have just sent a notice before action advising all monies must be refunded within 14 days - my position is -

    1 . How can RBS make an order to deduct money from a NatWest bank account (which is a distinct and seperate legal entity)

    2. Why had RBS retained my bank details 2 months after I left?

    3. How can NatWest authorise a transaction from RBS which takes 300.00 from an account with 0 balance, AFTER I placed a bar on all transactions?

    4. RBS and NatWest have refused all attempts at a mutual resolution!

    What are your thoughts guy? Would love to hear any advice.....

    On a personal note, i can't believe it is legal for an employer to control your BANK ACCOUNT as well! surely this gives the employer too much power? I understand this is the base with all Bank employees these days,

    With Thanks in Advance

    Dan Hulse

    Daniel (nospam) @

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    Default Re: RBS - Incurred bank Charges after working there!

    The banks do as they please. With NatWest being part of RBSicon, RBS are able to recover monies from within the group as a whole. The banks will always take money from the consumer when its to line their own coffers, that includes taking you overdrawn.

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    Default Re: RBS - Incurred bank Charges after working there!

    I have e-mailed you Dan

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