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    Default RBS - No response to DPA Request

    Having written to my branch manager requesting charges details using the standard wording for a Data Protection Act request and not receiving any response I followed up with a letter 'reminding' them of my request which I cc:ed to the Data Protection Manager in Edinburgh (address as taken from the RBSicon website). If I do not hear from them in the next few days I will complain to the Office of the Information Commissioner and request enforcement of my original request.

    Could they be ignoring my request because I wrote to my branch manager (by registered post and then delivered to the branch by hand) and only cc:ed the Edinburgh Data Protection Manager? Or is writing to the bank branch manager deemed acceptable?


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    Default Re: RBS - No response to DPA Request

    yes it's ok to send to local branch, just keep at em and you'll get the info soon. Complain to the info comm anyway! the more people that complain the more chance other people have of getting their info quickly;_


    Halifax 3600 charges, won with C/I 6400

    NatWest S.A.R-05/06/06
    Bug**r all recieved 03/11/06
    Prelim guesimate sent for 3000 03/11/06
    Cr*p one CONNED statements 08/06 ROFLMAO
    Cr*p one charges=976
    con int 34.9% 1,003.75 1,979.75.


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    Default Re: RBS - No response to DPA Request

    Hi -- I sent off my DPA request to HO in Edinburgh on 12 July, but not a peep yet. I think I'll fire off a reminder next week: will be so disappointing if this is just tactical stalling on their part.

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    Default Re: RBS - No response to DPA Request

    I got my statements but it took about 3 - 4 weeks, I also included the informal letter requesting refund but didnt receive a response to that until a further 3 weeks

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