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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Default To late for action on charges?

    Hope someone can offer some advice for me

    I have just spent months being hassled by RBSicon due the remains of an unpaid load from 2000. This loan was taken out to cover charges made by RBS when i was hospitalised and couldnt work for 5+ months.

    It is a while ago, but memory says that over a 6 week period i became about 750 o/d due to charges. Work didnt pay sick pay, took me three weeks to get it sorted from hospital bed, and then i went to RBS to sort out after and they refused an overdraft, but happily sold me a 1500 loan(about 3000 to repay due massive interest charges)to repay the mounted charges.

    I spent as little as poss (at their recomendation, but each cheque sent cost me 20-30 charge and then a another charge for missuse. I went from being in credit to owing 3000 in just afew weeks. I cried my eyes out in the branch trying to sort it out, and they just rubbed their hands and sold me the loan.

    Now after all this i still owe 800 apparantly. though they admit that they no longer have the cca, so is unenforcable. But this 800 is probably just extra interest added on at the start of each year that still had an outstanding balance.

    Now, can i find out details of all the charges, and account details from that far back? and can i do anything about reclaiming excess charges this far after the event? I feel gutted to have had to repay so much money, that if the same happened tioday, i would be wise enough not to let a bank push me around and charge me so much. I probably spent less than 300 pounds and repayed over 2000 because of it.

    How can i get a complete record of it all, including loan repayments and bank charges.

    i also want to let RBS know how i feel about the whole affair, but want to know where i stand, and have my facts straight before i do this

    Any advice greatly appreciated

    Best regards
    Mr Derek

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    Default Re: To late for action on charges?

    You would need to start by sending a Subject access requesticon to them enclosing the required statutory fee. 10 (postal order is most appropriate form of payment to use. as you do not need to sign it...)

    Send all postage by recorded delivery so you can get proof of postage and delivery as well.

    If you need any further help, please ask and hopefully you will get other comments as well.


    PLEASE NOTE - I am not a legal expert, my comments are based on information learnt or
    obtained and from my own experiences.
    Case 1 - C L Finance - Court Case 'Stayed' . Stay Lifted - N149 AQ Received & Filed. Case Struck Out :grin:
    Case 2 - C L Finance - Defence Filed. N150 AQ Received & Filed. Case 'Settled by Consent'
    Case 3 - EOS Solutions - No Agreement - Account Closed ~3500. :grin:
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    Use your own judgment and seek advice from a qualified and insured professional if you have any doubts.

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