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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Question rbs charge my savings account

    about a year ago a direct debiticon account was set up for southern electric with correct bank details of my key account not my savings account but somehow the bank charged me 38.00 on my savings account also now they have added interest of 6.84 on my savings account.Is it possible to still claim this back? and if so what can i do to claim back?.

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    Default Re: rbs charge my savings account

    why is it i never get replies anymore surely someone knows if i claim this back or not?

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    Default Re: rbs charge my savings account

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew1402 View Post
    why is it i never get replies anymore surely someone knows if i claim this back or not?
    The answer is yes, and I would suggest you look at the terms and conditions of the savings account. No doubt there is a clause that states "standing orders and direct debits are not permitted on the account". If there is then I would approach it on the basis that you aren't permitted to have them on a savings account yet the bank doesn't protect you from them being set up on the account. Why have the term if the bank will not make the account non permissable for DDicon's and SO's

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    Question Re: rbs charge my savings account

    thanks for the reply m8 i'll look into this.How do i go about claiming it back i've never done it before?.

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    Default Re: rbs charge my savings account

    If you are wanting to reclaim, follow the step by step guide in my signature. It has all the advice and links for letters you need. If you need any help, just ask. Some one will be around to advise you.

    STEP BY STEP GUIDE...Read here
    F&Q's... Read here

    Go to our Cag Toolbar Download page here

    Please don't forget this site is run on DONATIONS If this site has helped in any way, then please give a little back. ;-)

    Any opinions are without prejudice & without liability. All I know has come from this site. If you are unsure, please seek professional advice. .

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    Question RBS and DD in savings account mistake

    hi guys just wondering if for one somehow mistake RBSicon put DDicon into my newly opened savings account at the time (2 years ago)and with nothing in there they are charging me this 36 DD + 10 approx every May since.( now 56) i was just wondering if this could be somehow corrected or claimed back ?


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