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Thread: Bring It On!!!

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    Default Bring It On!!!


    Just about to take on RBSicon for bank charges applied to my account over the past three years. Up until this point I have been a satisfied customer (since 1988) and have recommended RBS to anyone that asked my advice.

    I understand that in most cases where people get into difficult positions all banks act in the same/similar manner - as this is how they make most of their money, off the people who are financially destitute or struggling.

    I have been going through a difficult time and have a number of credit cards that are maxed out - in communicatig with all of my creditors I have found most of them to be more responsive and eager to reach a resolution. The bank that I have had the longest relationship stopped being 'helpful' when I refused their offers of loans - indeed they became very aggressive in the manner that they handled my current account.

    I have more or less cut off my financial relationship with them, but (possibly out of spite and vindictiveness) am extremely motivated to ensure that I get back money that have unfairly charged to my account.

    The unpaid DDicon charges only started last month and all future DD's have been cancelled. However I have been regularly charged a 28 monthly maintenance charge for going over my OD limit (this is on top of the service charge which I pay to have a Royalties account) and have a number (approx 20-25, still collating) of instances where they have charged me for 'referral fees'.

    Once my intial letter is prepared I will let you know how I get on.



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    Just worked total charges applied to my account over the last three years = 2200+. I am about to start composing my letter being realistic that this is likely to take 3-4 months to get going.

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    good for you bigdaddy, I was surprised how quickly all went by ..... and I file my claim in court today .....

    sometimes it gets scary, but a visit on here and a deep breath and everything becomes calm again

    keep us posted on your progress


    I will not be held liable for any advice/comments given... if in any doubt please consult professional advice.

    HBOS Acc1 - Small Claim Filed 31/07/06 - WON -21/8/06 - MCOL -06/09/06 - WON 13/09/06

    HBOS acc2 -Small Claim Filed 02/08/06 - WON 13/09/06 - Round 2 Prelim Letter sent 14/09.06 - LBA sent 27/09/06 - MCOL 16/10/06

    HBOS acc3 Prelim Letter sent 14/09/06 - LBA sent 27/09/06 - MCOL 16/10/06

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