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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Default Tesco Person Loan - Default Notice

    Hello all. Received a default notice dated 27/4 but received today (2/5) . Not paid the loan since December and remain unable to pay (seperated from husband and taken a significant drop in income) - indeed it is far down my list of priorities. I have sent them a SARicon and again explained my reasons for being unable to pay. It demands full payment by 5/5. Any additional advice?

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    Default Re: Tesco Person Loan - Default Notice

    Hi there,

    Is it possible you could scan and post up the Default Notice ( minus personal details)

    A default notice currently issued must give 14 calendar days notice.

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    Default Re: Tesco Person Loan - Default Notice

    Thanks - I will scan (sorry for not responding sooner been away!). I rang Nat. Debtline and to be honest they scared the cr*p out of me. Original usecured loan was for 25k, settlement figure was 22k though default notice is for 26k. Debtline talked about RBSicon taking 'high court' action because debt was so high, them looking to take some form of action to sell me house etc etc. I would be SO very pleased if anyone could please let me know what this means. Surely unsecured means just that and the reason why the loan has gone unpaid is genuine. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I actually have 40k unsecured and it seems my options are payment plan (not realistic as would take 27 years), IVA (via Debtline - though I appear to be a borderline case) or BR.

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    Default Re: Tesco Person Loan - Default Notice

    dated 27th and told to pay by 5th - thats only 8 days - not valid default if they do not allow 14 days.

    Unlucky them

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    Default Re: Tesco Person Loan - Default Notice

    have you requested a copy of the cca??

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