Bio-oil well worth the money
Published by GlasweJen
18th January 2008
I started using bio-oil in december after a mess up with some stitches caused excessive scarring under my pacemaker scar. The cardiologist told me that if I couldn't get the scarring to go down he would have to open a new incision every time I need a new pacemaker (every 5 years or so).

My aunt recommended bio-oil to reduce scarring, it is quite expensive (I paid £7.99 for 60ml) but you only use a few drops of it at a time so I'm still on my first bottle a month into treatment and I recon it will last at least another month, maybe 2.

The leaflet advises that the oil can be used on scars (old and new), stretch marks, uneven skin tones, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. Since using it the scarring has reduced at the pacemaker site and after I've had a bath in it (you add 5 or 6 drops to the bath while it's running) my eczema patches are faded and not nearly so dry. I've started using it in the bath the morning before a big night out because by the time the night has come my eczema is barely visable.

The actual oil smells really nice (there's lavendar, calendula and rosemary oil in it) and it doesn't feel oily against the skin at all, i've used it on my face a few times and it never makes me look greasy either.

I have already recommended this to my sister to tackle her post-baby stretch marks and she's seeing the effects after 2 weeks. I'd definately recommend this to any CAGger looking to reduce scarring for whatever reason.

By Monty2007 on 18th January 2008, 19:21
Re: Bio-oil
Thanks! I guess most CaGers, through the stress of debt or recovering bank charges etc, are more pre-disposed to dry skin. Additionally, those who have to endure Bailiffs have, on occasion, incurred scars so its good for them too!

Can you drink it?

By GlasweJen on 18th January 2008, 21:00
Re: Bio-oil
No it's only for external use, I wouldn't drink it anyway, drinking oil is yuck!

By cocopixie on 15th April 2008, 19:43
Re: Bio-oil
I have recently been getting these annoying red almost raised spots on my cheeks, I never usually got spots until now. In frustration I would wash my face at least 3 times a day, maybe more depending on how "rashy" my face would look. I also have this tendancy to want to squeeze my spots/ whiteheads. Now I am not a fan of clearasil or anything that is too harsh on the skin as it can aggravate the problem more causing more blemishes and more spots to appear. So I stick to Clarins because it has no perfume or anything that would be too overdrying ( My skin is I'd say combination, it can get dry sometimes, but also sometimes oily) and my beautician said I should choose products for sensitive skin. Eventually over time I have managed to accumulate redish scars from where I have in the past squeezed my spots leaving a nice mark to show for. I did a lot of research into what and how I could help the problem. I came to realise that it is a vicious circle everything you put on your face you are taking all the necessary nutrients out.

Cut a long story short, I came across bio oil, maybe like yourself I too was sceptical if it would be ok for sensitive, or even maybe spot prone skin. I was wrong. This little bottle is a miracle.I have only been using it now for 3 days, already My little red scars have begun to fade away, on top of that my skin is more radiant than it has ever been, It is safe to put on your entire face, regarding how much you put on really depends on the extent of how dry your face is, If you are prone to oilier skin than others I would say place a little in your hands first rub a bit in, then apply, with almost a sweeping action to deliver evenly. If you feel it is too much then simply blot a tiny bit with tissue.

Another Bonus is that it is ANTIACNEDEMIC therefore over a due course of time it can actually improve any symptoms of acne.
Overall it has calmed down my skin entirely, It is important to moisturise and this my friends is the way forward. Try it, I have read on many blogs that it made people break out, for me it didnt it has actually helped the problem

By Demtootief on 6th August 2008, 18:38
Re: Bio-oil
I have been using Bio Oil for about 2 years or more now. I read about it in a Woman's magazine and because I suffer from very bad scarring on any type of cut or bruise that I get I was very happy to try it. It worked a treat!!!! I have been able to recommend it to two of my neices in America, whose kids had ecezema as this worked for my son who had a very severe fare-up after a trip to the Caribbean.

I have now stopped using any type of lotion on my skin and will only use Bio Oil after a bath when my skin is still quite wet. It always absorbs in the skin and there is never any buildup. Bio Oil is a MUST in my cleansing process. It can be quite cheaper at Cosco where a 200ml bottle cost less than £12.

By angel_1 on 17th October 2008, 00:09
Re: Bio-oil
thank you all for the tips

me too thinking is it too much money for what it states it does in the ads

but fab that caggers can recommend it,,,i have rosy cheeks at times of stress i think its rosacea, cant type it, and i had a bout of acne start of the year too,,,

so im going to treat myself and let you know

also does anyone use for psorisis,,,cant spell, my sis in law has tried all sorts and it flares up its very painful for her,,,wonder if it would help her too/?

thanks again and catch up soon ciao MAZ

By nuttysquirel on 14th January 2009, 12:38
Re: Bio-oil
I love this product too, it has worked wonders for me and i love love love the smell !

By alp on 19th January 2009, 18:36
Re: Bio-oil (lal) in Poundland now
I too have got on this band wagon after suffering scars from spots on my upper back. I have found a great alternative in Poundland which is identical to Bio-oil and is 1/8th of the price!!!! and does exactly the same job. get down to your local poundland

By justnormal on 28th January 2009, 19:53
Re: Bio-oil
I put some 2-3 year old hairwax on the left side of my hair a few days ago.
Now my skin (around my left ear lobe, my left eye and left cheek) is messed.

The wax worked like an acid. My left cheek has a blemish and feels rough when I touch it. My ear lobe also feels rough. Same around me eye, but on the eyelid is the worse part cuz the skin has like well it really looks like acid melted on it and deformed it a little.

I wonder if bio oil will help?
I guess I don't expect much that it will help with the eyelid but maybe for the rest?
Anyway I'm seeing a doctor about something else in the next few days, so I will ask him about this.