Diamond car insurance I would strongly recomend shopping around if your thinking about using Diamond
Published by hazi1880
6th March 2008
Diamond car insurance
I strongly recomend you shop around if your thinking about using Diamond.I was involved in an accident with another Diamond insured driver and Diamond asigned responsability to the other driver, it took them over six months to sort out the claim and that was only after threats of possible legal action from myself. I have spent hours on the phone trying to move things along and am always promised something will be done but it never is. When i call back i can never speak to the same person, and the call centre staff vary from polite but not much help to rude and arrogant (despite always being polite myself). I was promised a courtesy car but this has never arrived, And when the work on my car was eventually done (by a garage miles from where i live) i was told that i would have to collect the car myself despite the TAX and MOT running out while the car has been waiting for repairs. I have now moved insurance companies and am paying slightly more than half than i was paying with Diamond. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you will get a better service if you pay more, You wont.

By tiglet on 6th March 2008, 20:02
Re: Diamond car insurance
Definitely not a girl's best friend then?

By gadgetgirl79 on 5th May 2008, 18:52
Re: Diamond car insurance
Well my claim hasn't finished going through yet, but so far, so good!

I'm with Diamond, and was hit by another driver (insured with another company - he admitted full blame). They had a hire car delivered to me within 3 hours of me calling, arranged for my car to be picked up, and I can go online to see the progress.

I'm hoping the garage (that just happens to be a couple of miles away) will deliver my car though!

Will keep you posted...

By Neil Sharpe on 5th July 2008, 21:36
Re: Diamond car insurance

Don't discount Diamond through one bad experience. There are many very good women car insurance companies and providers who can provide a great value quote.

Why not try homeapproved.