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    Default Fizdup V The Bank of Scotland

    I have requested a list of all the charges that have been levied against me by the BoS-tards (someone elses joke that, but I like it!)
    So far I have recivieved copies of all my bank statments back to 2004 when the halifaxicon took over the BoS and the others are on their way, apparently.

    I would like to claim back charges made on my account from 1997, but I believe that the law only allows me to claim back to 2001.

    Has anyone successfully claimed back charges from more than 5 years ago?
    Is there an argument that the Banks have refused to reveal what the breakdown of the charges is and therefore have been decieving us all along, or is that just wishful thinking?

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    Default Re: Fizdup Vs The Bank of Scotland

    I think theres a thread in the general section that will inerest you but from what i've read on this forum it is possible but is quite complicated, I'm going to give it a go when i finally got my info back(SARicon).hope this helps

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    Default Re: Fizdup Vs The Bank of Scotland

    I'm not sure how far back you can claim as I wrote to HBOS and asked for statements for the last 6 yearsicon and received them from June 1995 onwards. Don't know whether this means we can claim this far back or what but I dare say we will find out.

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    Default Re: Fizdup V The Bank of Scotland

    There's a thread in the FAQ's section about claiming back more than 5/6 yearsicon (it's 5 years if you live in Scotland, 6 in England/Wales)


    I have successfully claimed against: "MBNA, Capital One, Bank of Scotland & Clydesdale Bank"

    The Consumer Action Group is a Self-Help website, Moderators & Site Helpers offer advice on a voluntary basis. Please spend time reading the FAQ's, and other cases relating to your bank before starting your own claim

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    Default Re: Fizdup V The Bank of Scotland

    cheers, JMio and HadEnough, I will check out that FAQ.

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    Default Re: Fizdup V The Bank of Scotland

    I have added up all the charges made against me and the total comes to 708, though only 128 of those charges were made within the 5 year limit.

    Following the "step-by-step instructions" FAQ I have not requested any interest on top of the charges.

    I have decided to go ahead and ask for the whole amount, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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    Default Re: Fizdup V The Bank of Scotland

    PLA hand delivered to my branch this morning... fingers crossed...

    Story so far...

    BOS - Student account - preliminary request letter sent

    Cahoot - Current account - list of charges totalling 420 recieved
    Cahoot - Credit card - list of charges totalling 200

    Mint - Request for list of charges made by telephone and letter.

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