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    Default Moneyclaim Address for RBS?

    I am wishing to start a Claim agains RBSicon and have been having problems with the fact that thier HO is in Scot. This means that the claims (if going through the Small Clains Court) are limited to 750. Also, i'm not familer with how sucsessful this type of claim has been in Scot and therefore wish to persue them through the English SCC.

    Some people have posted an address in EC2 (1 Princess Street) - but this postcode and adress doesn't actually exist!

    Therefore - does any one have any further infor on where to issue my claim against - or should i just fire it through the Scot SCC?

    Regards, Col

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    Default Re: Moneyclaim Address for RBS?

    When you enter the address, it comes up with a couple of options for where it is and an option for you to 'select the address you entered'....I clicked on this option.

    RBSicon acknowledged my claim within a it does exist!!


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    Default Re: Moneyclaim Address for RBS?

    Hi Col,

    Is your branch in England? If so you can issue the claim to your branch address.

    Hope this helps,

    24/04/06 - Capital One - 170.00 - Court Claim Acknowledged - Defendant intends to defend claim
    18/05/06 - Full settlement received (170.00) + another 20 for charges added after claim issued.

    16/05/06 - RBS - Court Claim Submitted - Total 4900 (inc. Interest + Court Fee + Allocation Fee)
    22/05/06 - Acknowledged by RBS
    16/06/06 - RBS Defence Received
    29/06/06 - Settlement offer from Cobbetts LPP 2,500
    22/07/06 - Hearing date given as 27th October, York County Court
    25/07/09 - Cheque received from Cobbets for 4800!! only 100 to go!!

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    Default Re: Moneyclaim Address for RBS?

    I issued my claim to their customer servicesicon in Southampton, because that's who was corresponding with me.

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    Default Re: Moneyclaim Address for RBS?

    I issued mine on my branch in Birmingham, its not affected anything, they just forward it onto their litigation department.

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