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    Default Requiring BOS Bank Statements

    Has anyone sent away the DPA letter to the BOS?? If so were you charged for this service. I am just sending mine off today.


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    Im sending mine off also today to BOS, halifaxicon(mortgageicon) and Barclaycard. I will wait and see if they request payment for this service. I am sooo nervous about the whole thing really :?


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    I sent mine off on Friday so i am hoping to get a reply this week will keep you posted as there's not much on here for BOS i was hoping someone else might have got a bit further just to see what BOS's reaction is to it all

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    Thanks, will let you know also how I get on

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    Default BoS


    I had phoned to request six years of bank charge fiqures, about 10 days later I got a letter stating there was a 5 fee for copy statements. I phoned again to make sure it was 5 for all the statements not per one, which it is. Three huge envelopes dropped through my letter box this week and I am now adding up the fiqures. Easy so far!

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    That is really quick! Hopefully barclaycard and halifaxicon are quick to. Im curious to seeing how much it all comes to. Keep us posted in your progress as its good to hear from other BOS customers to see how they are getting on with it all.


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    I hand delivered my request to my branch, that was on 06/03, no reply yet . I asked for details of the charges etc, not statements.

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    Default DPA

    Don't Bother with the DPA for the BOS. Call them, I think it's 08457213141. I sent a the DPA letter last week still not arrived! Phoned tonight because I got charged 58 for 92p over my overdraft! Whilst complaining asked about my statements, girl v. helpful said she would send out my statements from Jan 2000 for a fiver!

    Do it that way! 1 for registered post, cost 4 more to make sure you get statements.

    Roll on! Call my lawyer!

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    Sent DPA letter on 8 March to BOS and received a print-out of charges on my account today (23/3/06)

    Never offered 10 and was not charged anything.

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    Thumbs up Re: Requiring BOS Bank Statements

    Quote Originally Posted by SR7133
    Sent DPA letter on 8 March to BOS and received a print-out of charges on my account today (23/3/06)

    Never offered 10 and was not charged anything.
    Ditto, just need to find time to go through them all now

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    Default Re: Requiring BOS Bank Statements

    I called the phone banking service and asked for a list of charges. They've said they'll send me a letter listing them. No mention of any charge.

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