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    Exclamation Triton (RBoS) accused me of telling porlies!

    I sent the usual telephone harassment letter to Triton after receiving a few calls. They responded by saying that
    Our records confirm however, that Triton Credit Services have only contacted you on one occasion, and therefore refute your statement that our calls are harrassing or in breach of the Administration of Justice Act 1974.
    That isn't quite in agreement with my incoming telephone log (from my phone supplier) or my recordings.

    It must have made their day being able to write that, because it's usually me reminding them of CPUTicon 2008 & the need to be truthful.

    I was going to start off by saying that "despite their implication to the contrary, I am sure that I would fail their aptitude test", but thought the better of it, so you can see I need some ideas for my letter.

    I want Triton get both barrels, but I could do with any advice - to see if I can make it a shotgun rather than a water pistol.


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    Default Re: Triton (RBoS) accused me of telling porlies!

    Here ya go

    Dear fool

    How can you refute my statement without proving to me and the relevant authorities whom I shall be contacting about your contiuned harrasment.

    I have obtained from my call records the exact times and dates when your pathetic little company contacted me.

    Now either you are calling me a liar which I belive is SLANDER or you do not known what your phone drones are doing.

    Either way I consider the conduct of this "company" outrageous and await your grovelling written apology to reach me within 72hrs or I will have no option than to report you and the company you represent to ofcom and the information commisioner.

    I also request - No Demand - that my personal details are removed from your company database within 14 days. and that no further processing of my data is undertaken by you or any other "employee" of this scurge on the british landscape, namely Triton ****

    etc etc


    Getting There Slowly

    Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel

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    Default Re: Triton (RBoS) accused me of telling porlies!

    Nice letter - so tempting ...

    Actually, is there anything wrong with me really sending something like that?

    Otherwise I will be asking them for all of their details of their single contact with me in exchange for my log & recordings

    Might mention cputr as well

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    Default Re: Triton (RBoS) accused me of telling porlies!

    I would send a copy of their letter and your recorfdings/log to trading standards, they're not only harrassing you, but lying about it as well.

    Hope this helps

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