Does anyone have a template letter I can file off to the RBSicon. We were 14.00 over our overdraft limit which was our fault. I credited the money the next day. The RBS then charged 38.00 for having gone over our overdraft limit then because of the two charging periods they charged another 38.00 because we were still over. I asked them would they kindly pay a direct debiticon for us as it would cause us further problems if the direct debit would not be paid. They kindly did so but charged us another 30.00 referral charge. We are now 106.00 over our overdraft which we cannot afford to pay. They have informed us that another 28.00 is due to be debited at the end of the month. All this in the space of two months. I just want to send them a letter asking kindly for a refund especially before the end of the month when our direct debits are due to go out.

Thank you

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