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    Default RBS OUTRAGEOUS charges from my benefit.

    Hi folks. I was laid off in April (another victim of the construction crunch). I had to swallow my pride and make a claim for Jobseekers allowance. I was having my Housing Benefit paid into my RBSicon account but because SkyTV insisted on incorrectly doubling my subscription fee, I ended up having some charges applied to my account at 38 a time...38, no wonder every working man/woman in this country is skint. The charges got so bad that I can't even use the account anymore and Sky can really f*** off as well as I've had no end of hassle just trying to get them to take the correct monthly payment. But anyway that's a thread for another forum. The story so far is that I've sent a letter template that I found posted by a forum member called TopcatDC where I've asked all charges to be refunded within 7 day as the Social Security states that not one charge can be taken from money a person needs to live on. 7 days have now passed and I've heard nothing. Does anyone have any advice on the best course of action to take next?

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    Default Re: RBS OUTRAGEOUS charges from my benefit.

    Hi shytalk

    Please read this thread -

    You are now probably in a cycle that will be difficult to get out of with RBSicon. You need to open a basic accouint elsewhere or with the PO and have your benefits paid there. Otherwise RBS will be taking 38 or more off you every week.

    Once you have the new account in place, start a claim against RBS for the repayment of the charges using the 'normal' method. The claim will get stayed once you get to the court phase but you will get the cahrges repaid once the OFT case is complete. If RBS take you to court, you will have a goodchance of getting their claim stayed too.


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    Default Re: RBS OUTRAGEOUS charges from my benefit.

    As always great advice from Steven.

    In fact, you'll want them to take you to court, as this opens the way for you to get the stay lifted.


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