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    Default Northampton Parking Ticket.......Success !

    Hi, first post and worth waiting for.
    In brief- got parking ticket near town center 2Jan2008, single yellow line near Costcutters -Wellingboro RDicon. Lineage was badly broken and obscured small sign. Wrote to NBC, got expected " You will pay us money !" letter, but no appeal literature. Later- got threatening " We will get bailiffs on you! " letter then I got angry ( Don't threaten me- without letting me appeal first ) went to appeal- unfortunately for NBC I have DoT Chptr 8 Road Traffic Management qualification- Pleaded- Signage marking not to specification, no Appeal literature with 'Notice to Owner'
    Result- 15 July Appeal ruled in my favour

    Advice-There are many areas of Northampton badly marked and signed-particularly Kettering/Wellingboro' end of town center, IF you get a ticket and the signage looks ropey -APPEAL. ( My spot couldn't have been marked in less than 20 years.


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    Default Re: Northampton Parking Ticket.......Success !

    God bless u

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    Default Re: Northampton Parking Ticket.......Success !

    Hello and Welcome, Qhriss.

    I've moved your thread to a more appropriate Forum



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