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    Default Incomplete traffic offence form

    Dear all,
    Just wondering if anyone can help?...
    I have recently received a ticket for driving while being on the phone.
    Please don't boo too loudly... i wasn't actually on the phone at the time, but was holding it in my hand (in the process of switching it off).
    Yes, i should have waited... isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?
    However, much though i tried to argue my point to the officer concerned, he just wasn't interested and was happy to write me a ticket for 3 points and a 60 fine.
    My queries are these...
    Firstly, i was not on a public road when the officer actually stopped me, i had pulled into a private car park at work.
    Secondly, while producing my documents, my licence was taken from me. It is only upon reading the ticket at a later date, i realized it should only be taken from me "if i agree to it".
    ...and lastly, and hopefully most importantly, the officer did not complete the form correctly.
    That is to say, he had neither signed, nor entered his 'PC' details in the boxes provided.
    Well, you can see where i am going with this... is an offence form which has not been filled out correctly actually valid? or will it be thrown out if i appear in court?
    Any help, greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: Incomplete traffic offence form


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    Default Re: Incomplete traffic offence form

    If the officer saw you alledgely committing the offence on the public road then it won't make any difference that he/she eventually stopped you in a private car park.

    The alleged failure of the officer to complete the bottom of your form is unlikely to make any difference either. You have effectively been a fixed penalty notice with an invitation for you to either pay the 60 and get the endoresement on your licence or taking up the option of contesting the matter in court. If you choose the latter then information will have to be laid at the local magistrates court and a summons issued.

    If you want more advise on how to potentially tackle this I suggest you pop across to as there are a number of people there who will be able to advise you.

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