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    Default ScarletPimpernel vs. Regal {RBS]

    A letter this morning, out of the blue, from Regal Credit Consultants, with a catchy red band across the top with 'NOTICE' on it. They demand payment of a debt they claim is owed to RBSicon.

    Interestingly, there are no threats of immediate legal action; no mention of bailiffs, or attachments of earnings. It simply says that if they don't hear from me they will "need to explore all options", which may include "recommending to our client that legal action is taken".

    I have no previous experience of this lot, but it struck me that the standard threat-o-gram has been toned down, probably since the introduction of CPUTR.

    Anyway, to test my theory (and because I couldn't resist), I phoned them. The phone monkey was neither rude nor aggressive; she didn't interrupt; after I warned her that RBS were in default of a CCA she didn't ask me for a payment. In fact, the only slight disagreement was when she tried to claim that making any payment on a credit card acount amounts to accepting legal liability for a subsequent debt, but that was quickly dealt with. She acknowledged that DCAs have no legal powers. She claimed not to be aware of the CCA, but showed reasonable knowledge of the OFT guidance, to the extent that when I told her that not only were RBS in default of a CCA, what they had sent was entirely unenforceable, and the alleged debt was disputed, she said, without prompting, that they would now cease all activity.

    I asked if she was aware of CPUTR, and she told me "we've touched on it, it's only just come in". She didn't know much about it, but when I said that failing to comply with a code of practice such as OFT guidance is now prosecutable, she said: "I've confirmed that it's on hold, and this call's recorded".

    So, is this an anomaly, or are some DCAs realising that they can't keep getting away with their old non-compliant practices.

    Anyway, Ive sent them a short note inviting them to insert the file in RBS' corporate hoop, and will wait to see what happens.

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    Default Re: ScarletPimpernel vs. Regal

    Crikey SP, all that without her even having to ask a grown up!!

    Think you may well be right about the new regs having an impact. I have only had one DCAicon, (RMA) contact me in the last five weeks. When I told them the account was in dispute and asked them for their complaints procedure, they promptly returned it to the OC.

    Would be nice to think that the industry is cleaning up it's act but I can't help thinking of leopards & spots and when they get to grips with it, (or find new ways round it), they will be back.


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    Default Re: ScarletPimpernel vs. Regal

    ...and so it goes on. A couple of weeks ago I had a letter from Moorcroft about this RBSicon card account. I sent my standard 'dispute' letter, receipt of which they acknowledged.

    However, today I received another threatogram. I rang Moorcroft and spoke to one of the compliance people, who was very polite and businesslike; it was confirmed that their system shows that the debt is disputed. Now here's the thing: they clearly understood that the letter is non-compliant; I got an apology, and was told that they'd asked RBS to comment on the dispute, and had no reply, so they'd be sending the file back to RBS with the recommendation that they take no further action because the alleged debt can't be collected.

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    Default Re: ScarletPimpernel vs. Regal

    It looks as if recent activities have 'encouraged' certain DCAs to act more responsibly. Or should that be responsively?

    Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts

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    Default Re: ScarletPimpernel vs. Regal

    Think they all may be in a bit of a dither at present and are minding their P's & Q's.

    See how long it lasts!!


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