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    Default Parking ticket issued in course of work

    Right, this problem seems minor compared to some of the others on here, but maybe someone can offer some help. I work as a parcel delivery driver, and in the course of my job, managed to pick up a parking ticket. The vehicle I was driving was a hire vehicle, so the parking ticket went first to the hire company, who passed the ticket on to the company I work for, who then supplied my details as being the driver, which I don't have a problem with. What I do have a problem with tho, is the fact that my employers then proceeded to deduct the cost of the ticket from my wages, 60, without so much as any notice. Can they do that? I had thought that paying the fine was down to me, to be done by myself, or to appeal if required. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

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    Default Re: Parking ticket issued in course of work

    Strictly illegal! Go to your union.

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    Default Re: Parking ticket issued in course of work

    The ticket is down to you.
    Sometimes our drivers when loading or unloading in London got tickets. But because of the nature of our work they were unable to park anywhere else we as a company would pay the tickets.
    If any drivers got speeding tickets we would pass these on to them to pay.

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    Default Re: Parking ticket issued in course of work

    This is (or should) be covered as a term of your contract. As a driver there should be a specific clause relating to the issue of parking or speeding tickets. Unless the clause specifically mentions any 'fines' being deducted from your wages, then they simply cannot deduct the money from your wages. The Employment Rights Act is very strict regarding what can and cannot be deducted from wages, and the company has to have your written agreement to take anything other than amounts due under statute or legal provision (tax and NI, Court issued attachments to earnings, overpayments of wages etc). Therefore, unless you have signed a contract agreeing that the company may deduct parking 'fines' paid on your behalf, then they are in the wrong and you should take them to task for an 'unlawful deduction'.

    Additionally, in paying a parking 'fine' on your behalf they are admitting guilt and denying you the opportunity to appeal where you think that it has been issued incorrectly.

    Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.


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