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Thread: Steveh v RBS

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    Default Steveh v RBS

    Hello All

    I have just totaled the maintenance charges on my RBSicon account and I am about to start claiming the money back from the bank.

    I have in the past claimed the 38 paid refferal charges over the same period, but missed the 28 maintenace charges.

    Has anyone claimed the 28 maintenance charges back.

    Also when the maintenance charges were taken, there was also an interest charge can I claim any of this back.


    the fight is right

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    silly question but have you been told what a these maintenance charges are for,

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    If you look at this link here you will see its just another name for an unauthorised overdraft charge. So yes you can claim it back.

    I am not a legal expert my advice is given without prejudice and is purely my opinion only. If you are in doubt please seek professional advice.

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    Thanks likelylad
    I have sent off the first letter, but just received another charge for 28 quid putting over my overdraft limit again.
    Is there anything I can do to stop this madness now without going to court or do I just add it on to the rest of my claim.


    Steve H

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    Default Re: Steveh v RBS


    I received a reply from RBSicon about my claim, they say until the out come of the OFT test case the they have asked the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with bank charge complains and therefore are no dealing with any complaints.

    They say the the FSA has indicated that as a general proposition it will indeed not proceed with cases which will rely on legal issues being considered in the test case.

    They also say the master of the rolls (in england and wales) and the the lord chief justice in northern ireland has issued a notification suggesting that the county courts stay proceeding until the test case is resolved.

    Is the true, I think it could be a smoke screen, should I continue with the next stage informing them that I am about to initiate court proceedings?

    Can anyone help.

    Steve H

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    You can carry on with your claim. Also don't forget you can add on any new charges you receive on to your spread sheet, right up till you file at court.

    So if you sent your prelim letter and your 14 days are up, then send the lbaicon letter.

    Once you file at court (14 days after lbaicon) They will more than likely put a stay on it, but at least your claim will be in the system.

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    Default Re: Steveh v RBS

    Thanks sea-sidelady
    I am starting the court action this week.
    It looks like OFT court case could go on for some time before a resolution is found, months rather than weeks by then there will be a lot of cases backed.
    Steve H

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