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    Default Closed my account 1.5+ months ago - more charges?!

    Hi forum,

    I had a recent problem with RBSicon, and got it sorted out with thanks to this forum.

    Or so I thought.

    You see, my account was literally +0.40 (in credit), after having paid whatever evil charges they had set me. So I went down to the bank, with a handwritten note, and asked them in no uncertain terms that I wished to close my account. The person at the desk said 'OK' - took the piece of paper, and - I presumed - closed the account.

    So I was surprised this morning to find another letter from RBS, saying they were about to take another 10.00 from the account, so without a doubt, they haven't closed the account.

    I'm understandably absolutely furious. I want nothing more to do with them, yet they have the cheek after having closed the account to send me another letter for charges. What can I do now? I'll be going down this afternoon, so if anyone could shed light on what I should focus on, then I'd be grateful.

    I'm currently thinking of threats with the FSA, as well as pointing out their responsibility as Data Controllers under the Data Protection Act to delete customer data after having asked for it to be removed.

    Let me know what you think.

    With many thanks,

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    Default Re: Closed my account 1.5+ months ago - more charges?!


    Do you have anything in writing to say the account was closed? If you've been folowing my case, you'll notice I've had the same problem - though it was over a longer term. I had to pay the charges to stop them putting a default on my credit record (275!) but I've just added this to my total claim for unfair charges.

    You should have received a final 'Closing' statement from the bank if your account was closed. You'll need this to challenge the applied charge.

    hope that helps

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    Default Re: Closed my account 1.5+ months ago - more charges?!


    After speaking to one particularly nasty Customer Service girl, and letting another person know exactly what happened, everything seems to be fine.

    The bank's employees had conveniently "forgotten" to close the account after I'd handed them my letter. I'd call it incompetence at best.

    It is my honest opinion that the RBSicon are taking advantage of young students (I'm 18) in the hope that they won't stick up and say "hey what are you doing?!" when a problem arises on the accounts. I've often enough been fobbed off with the excuses "You should look after your own account better" and so on.

    Be gone, RBS!


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