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    Default Bank of Scotland DPA letter

    hi guys, tommorow i will be sending my request for transactions/charges for the past six years. i look forward to my reply. Has anyone else had success in receiving this information, and if so are there any related charges. thanks.

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    Hi there i have only sent off for mine today too i made sure it was sent recorded delivery and set a reminder on my email calender for approx a week before the 40 day period is up

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    after reading the scottish civil court link in the libraryicon, it has come to my attention i will be required to issue two claims, as the amount i want back is for over 750. when i send my letter to the bank should i ask for the full amount, and if i have no success, submitt a claim for say, the last two years charges. can anyone help with this?

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    Hi there i am sure i read in the libraryicon part of this site that it is possible and best to have separate claims in Scotland as the amount for small claimsicon court is so small. That's what i am going to do if you ask your bank for a list of charges then you can use them up to the value of 750 then for your next claim carry on from where you stopped - hope this makes sense!

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    would you make simaltaneous(sp) claims to cover the full amount, or submit them chronologically one after the other as each one is settled? Iam waiting for my DPA request to be answered, but my rough estimate from the statements I have is over 1400.
    What is the next level up from the sherriffs small claimicon court? I have skimmed through the scottish courts site, but came to no definite conclusion. :?

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    You wouldn't have read that it was possible to divide your claim. You would have read that we don't really know and that it could be tried.
    So try it, but do them one at a time because of you try to do them al at the same time then they might try to consolidate the claim.
    (You might have read that too.)


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    Default result

    Well the DPA letter has certainly made the bank jump.. i put in my DPA letter personally to the bank 2 days ago requesting statements from june 2000 and recieved 2004's statements today by post , didnt expect anything that quick ... dunno where 2000-2003 and 2005-2006 are but i will find out monday when i go over.. :? .

    good luck to all !!

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    Angry Re: Bank of Scotland DPA letter

    Hello There, sorry we cannot report much success yet - our original request was served and started running from 12th March.

    As of today 6th June, we have had the following response:

    Out of 9 accounts, we have received PARTIAL data for ONE. We have served legal notice of default, recorded delivery reminders, still precious little. We have had requests to prove identity (by post, to our accepted business address!) WELL after the 40-day limit. I am currently investigating the court option. I've also now appending a request for their CTI telephony log (which will prove harassment) - don't expect anything to come from that initially either!

    I'm about to draft notice to the various authorities, but I suspect Court or the Police will be the only way. I hope to speak to the Police tomorrow as there is the possibility they may have some Jurisdiction.

    Anyone been down this route with halifaxicon/BOS in Scotland before?

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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