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    Default Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    My biggest loan was with B.O.S
    Have been dealing with Blair Olivericon And Scott-initials B.O.S-mmm.
    Due to deterioration in financial circumstances had to offer token payments.
    This was about two months ago.Not heard a thing since-no phone callsicon letters anything.Far to quiet for a big loan.Any ideas about what is going to happen.
    Never had a reaction like this from a debt collectionicon agency before.Are they going to send the boys round.

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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    Hi Tawnyowl,

    My daughter is in the same position as you,I sent a CCA Requesticon to Blair Olivericon and Scott, and a SARicon to Bank of scotland,have received some but not all statements from the SAR and have heard nothing at all from Blair Olivericon and Scott and I sent it in June 2007.

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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    They are probably going to sell it onto a real DCAicon.

    If they do "send the boys round" you have the right to order them from your property. if they refuse, call the police.

    i will be off site for the next month or so. if you have any problems, feel free to report the post so a moderator can help you.

    I am not a qualified or practicing lawyer.

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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    Still not heard anything

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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    Latest-Have finally heard from from Royal Bank of Sharks giving me two days to pay or as my account is in Litigation court proceedings will commence.Bring it on.My finances are stretched like a Giraffes neck and have no chance to pay what was my biggest loan-a whopping 10000 pound.What i do not know due to the size of the debt would i be able to offer token payments.My house has one charge on it and it really at this stage does not really matter if they go this far which i exspect them to do.At thjis present time it is all about surviving from month to month.Thanks for advice.Tawnyowl.


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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    My son who lives two houses away has let me connect to his computer to enable me to use my own.Depends how long he is feeling generous to how long i stay on.Due to severe financial difficultys-repossesion hearing etc i have cut down on everything possible.
    1-Bank Of Scotland gave me a loan for 10000 in 2004.
    2-AA PERSONAL FINANCE of halifaxicon have it now and have just issued a claim in Northampton county courticon for 12485.
    3-Cant say that is any surprise really.
    4-Can you get such a high amount reduced to token payments.
    5-It is not secured.Thanks for any help.It is a big amount.Tawnyowl-thinking of flying to the hills.

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    Default Re: Bank Of Scotland loan-too quiet.

    I would advise that you ask a mod to move your thread over to the HBOS forum as there are more people who have dealings with the BOS ..........they have no connection to the RBSicon.....they are a different Bank, ........................

    Something you may not know though is.....Blair Olivericon Scott..... if you notice abbreviated is ...B.O.S. ......The Bank of Scotland.... abbreviated is B.O.S ..........Blair Olivericon Sott are the internal debt collectorsicon for the Bank of Scotland.


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