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    Default Bank of Scotland trying to reposess my other half's car


    got a bit of an issue that i could do with some help on.

    i have searched the forums and not found anything that i thought applied.

    the story is, My other half has not long completed a 3yr degree in nursing. she qualified in Sep last year and was offered a job straight away. she wasnt allowed to start work until her CRB check was complete which after a few delays and getting the local MP involved took until the 17th of december. when she started work on the 17th of december she was told that she had missed the pay cut off point for december so wouldnt be paid until the end of january.

    She has been in contact with Bank of Scotland regular to update them of her predicament and that she would be able to clear all arrears at the end of jan when she recieved her first payment. the total arrears are just under £400, they were unhelpful and un interested. she has just one more month to pay until the final settlement value is expected at the end of feb.

    She has never refused to pay this debt off but has tried in vain to agree to pay the arrears in full at the end of this month. however, BoS (that could be an abreviation for something else couldnt it?) are having none of it, they say they are going for reposession on the 18th of january and she should get the keys and all paperwork pertaining to the car ready for collection! now i am no expert in these matters at all, but isnt that just bizarre to do this to someone who is going to pay the debt off in a couple of weeks? surely they would benefit by waiting?

    well as you can imagine, this reaction from BoS has got our backs right up and we want to stick it up them as far as possible, this is where i need the assistance.

    basically we need to know what we can do about this? she cant lose her car (no car, no job). she has almost finished paying for the car anyway.

    any help would be very appreciated

    thanks in advance

    Darren and Sally

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    Default Re: Bank of Scotland trying to reposess my other half's car

    Assuming it's a hpicon agreement (is it?) and you say she has nearly paid it off, I take it she if over the 1/3 repossession rights figure, which means they need to get a court order in order to take the car. Now thay may well be in the process of doing this which is why they have quoted a date - I would have thought they would normally prefer to just turn up unannounced - but if they haven't it seems a lot of trouble to go to in the case of an agreement that is 1) nearly paid off anyway 2) not been a problem to them before (I assume) 3) has a pretty plausible reason for the problem and more importantly a firm arrangement in place to resolve.

    There must be someone there who can act with a degree of common sense - might be worth her phoning and asking to speak to a Dept Manager or above.


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    Default Re: Bank of Scotland trying to reposess my other half's car


    yes, it is definately a hpicon agreement, apart from the last 4 missed payments, there would be just one more left to pay at the end of january, there is then however a final payment of £1450 due end of feb.

    they have just telephoned again to threaten reposession again, they say they are getting a court order to reposess on the 18th. i asked them why they wont wait until the end of January for the whole arrears and he replied they can't.

    there have been a couple of late payments on the acount previously, nothing drastic, i think the longest one was a couple of weeks.

    we have tried and tried to find someone there with half a brain and an ounce of common sense but no one cares, they seem to have the attitude "just pay me now or i take your goods". Heartless in other words

    i have also just discovered that the DCAicon in question is "Central Collections Ltd"

    is there any way i can somehow delay them getting a court order? only until the end of the month when we will pay the whole arrears off?

    really appreciate some quick help on this one if you dont mind

    thanks again
    Darren and Sally

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