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    Default RBS - I got a refund but.......

    I recently wrote to RBSicon using the letter template on the Govan Law website and they have written back to me agreeing to refund 84 worth of charges for me going over my agreed overdraft limit.


    Thank you for your letter dated 20/02/06 and I apologise for any disatisfaction caused by the application of charges to your account.

    We believe that our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent. We consider the amounts debited to your account have been apllied strictly in accordance with your agreement with us and our published tariff, whihc we are satisfied, complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that we give to our customers about the operation of our products.

    Against that background, we must differ to the views expressed in you letter.

    However, we have tajken the opportunity to review the charges applied to your account and as an exceptional matter we are prepared to refund 84 as a gesture of goodwillicon. Acceptance by you of this payment in Full and finalicon settlement of all claims you may have relating to our charges and strictly on the basis that you agree nto to disclise to any third party the fact of, or any details relating to this payment

    Yes I want the money back but are the bank allowed to make clauses and is it lawful? Obviously I have breached one of them by showing the letter on here but from what I understand, I will not be able to dispute charges in the future. Has anyone had a similar letter and what did they do about this? Any advice on the matter and what I should do next would be appreciated.

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    how much were you originally asking for?

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    84 I think - at least that is what it says at the beginning of the post...

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    Yes they are allowed. It is upto you to accept or reject the offer.

    The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

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