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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Red face Lena vs NatWest - **WON**

    Hi All

    Just wanted to clarify that I am doing this right! And also any advice along the way by all of you would really help.

    Am just going to post my case to date and hopefully we can share if information with regards to standard responses!

    I asked for SARicon on Friday 2nd June and had a standard response asking me to send a fee of 5 for statements or 5 for a full SAR, Incidentally I have all my statemens so I calculated the amount myself.

    Sent the Preliminary Letter last Friday 9th June and received a standard response again dismissing my claim from the elusive Stuart Higley.:-|

    Am now going to send a lbaicon and see what happens from there? Does this sound about right?

    Just want to make sure i am not going toend up incurring all the court costs in case it does get that far!!
    Incidentally my claim is only for 692, but that is a lot of money to me. I hope this does not make a lot of difference to the process.

    Anyway will keep you posted, i will send the lbaicon tomorrow.


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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Yes, that's fine, lbaicon.

    You will not end up paying their costs. Even if it ended up in court (and the words snowball and hell spring to mind here), it would be small claimsicon court, where costs are not awarded unless you suit was frivolous, which it isn't. That's why we have a letter by letter procedure so that you can show a judge you tried to stay out of court.

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    I did kind of think that I was doing it right but just needed someone to say, 'yes'!

    Roll on tomorrow I am prepared full steam ahead!


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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest


    I have managed to get anther set of contat details for a Michael Duncan colleague of Sir Fred Goodwin CEO of Natwest and RBSicon- his mail details are as follows;

    I sent my lbaicon yesterday and am waiting for a response, I send verything by email and post so i know that they have received my email letters as it has been read- I asked for a read receipt and delivery report!!

    Now just a waiting game! Will keep you all posted.

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Hi Kate

    Just found out that I will have to pay 30 to start the court proceedings on moneyclaimicon online. And yes you are right I do get this back.

    I soke with an very sympathetic and interesting advisor yesterday and she agreed with everything that I said, surely not good for company image- even the Natwest staff have no confidence in the way that charges are applied!!!

    Anyway willlet you know of the results of mt lbaicon!! Here's hoping and fingers crossedxxxxxxxxx

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Right got an update for you.

    I made a call yesterday to just check that Stuart Higley received my letters and I actually managed to speak with him! So he is real!

    This morning I have receved a response from him against my letter before actionicon and he is standing his ground saying that they will not refund any charges.

    Do I now register my claim and give them 14 days? Do I send a letter before to advise that I am starting legal proceedings?

    From my understanding by reading the FAQ's I think that I should now simply register the claim on money claims online? Just want to clarify that I am doing this right!

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Thanks Kate

    I am going to register the claim on money claims online today. I can't beleive that they are doing this, my claim is only for 700 what's the point? If they think that I am going to give up or give in they have another thing coming.

    I am a typical Leo, very stubborn and very determined so they better just hold onto their hats because i am annoyed now!!!


    Rant over , here goes with the court claim....

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Fists are out I have issued a claim ref 6QZ39256

    Here we go......

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Ahhhhh HELP

    Should I have waited the 14 days before I filed a claim? I have doen this already as I have had a response telling me to sod off with the lbaicon?

    Am i in trouble now?

    Help please?

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Stop worrying Lena. As you say, they have already sent you the sod off letter so you are fine in filing your claim


    If anything I've said helps you then please feel free to tip my scales!

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    you're not in any trouble hun I think it's just down to personal choice whether to file after the sod off or after the 14 days, some do it one way some do it the other way.

    Keep your chin up hun, you're getting there step by step, just keep thinking of that little financial bonus light at the end of the bank's rsole/tunnel


    08-05-06 - Data Protection Act sent to NW
    08-05-06 - MP letter sent to Oliver Letwin (Cons, Dorset West)
    25-05-06 - Statements and Data Protection Act received (14 days)
    07-06-06 - Prelim letter sent to S.Higley claiming 1226.03
    09-06-06 - LBA sent, due to negative response
    29-06-06 - Claim served (Acknowledged 30-06-06)
    27-07-06 - NW's Deadline - received 27-07-06
    24-08-06 - AQ received and returned - Deadline 08-09-06 - Both returned
    20-09-06 - 1st Offer - 850.00 with confidentiality REJECTED
    05-10-06 - 2nd Offer - 1456.80 with confidentiality ACCEPTED

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Oh thanaks for that Guys. I was worried for a minute there!

    I decided to cver my back and email again to both Stuart Higley and Michael Duncan just to let them know that since they have failed to oblige to the lbaicon a claim has now been filed. Overriding the 14 days as they have responded negatively.

    Just a waiting game now i take it? ;-)

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Just checked the status of my claim and it shows that ut has been accepted by the courts and was issued on 19th June 2006. That gives them until July 6th 2006 to file a defenceicon.

    When I emailed Michael Duncan I expressed that i would be sending in an additional full SARicon request as per the DP Act- and asked if he could clearly identify where the charges were as said by Stuart Higley to be justifibale and if they had ever required manual intervention.
    I think that they have realised that they will not win as I had an email response from Michael saying that he has now reuqested for the Senior Executives at the Customer Relations department to look into my case.

    They might settle out of court who knows?? Lets hope they do!!! If not i am prepared to go all the way!

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest

    Hi Guys

    Just checked Money Claim online and they have acknowledged the claim? Tried looking at the FAQ's and explanations on the money claim website but it was not very clear what this means?

    It just says that they have 28 days to respond, I take it that is with a defence?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Lena vs Natwest PAID IN FUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fab news everyone, they paid in full including court charges. I knew deep down they would. After all they can'f prove the claim ' the charges are disproportionate, and therefore not fair'

    Had a lovely letter saying they accept no liability and I am not allowed to discuss this with anyone or make it publically aware that they have paid?!!

    Jus wanted to say many thanks to all the poeple that have taken time to set this site up and everyone who has responded to any of my outbursts or questions!!

    I get married 2 weeks today and this will certainly be such a help!

    I will make a donationicon, might need a few pointers on how and where to go and do it??!

    Go get them everyone!!! They will PAY!

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