Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

The Consumer Forums FAQ

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So you've come to get help with your Consumer problems? Welcome.

In order to benefit fully from our forum, please read this carefully and follow its instructions.

We suggest very strongly that you register onto the forum in order to benefit from all that it offers.

Registration is free.

Although The Consumer Action Group is here to help you Reclaim the Right in respect of all consumer issues, you are probably here because you are a victim of unlawful and unfair penalty bank charges by your bank. Of course, the problem of consumer rights is much larger than that of excessive unfair bank charges. However it is probably true to say that more people have been touched by bank penalty charges than many most other consumer rights issues.

We can help you get your money back.

This forum is free to everyone. If you want to contribute to the expenses of the forum then that is up to you. We are always grateful to receive financial help.

The two most important things you need are an understanding of the small claims proceedings and also the necessary forms to pursue your claim. Please go to the section called "The Marketplace" where you will find reviews and links to buy a book by Judge Patricia Pearl, Small Claims Procedure: A Practical Guide, and also The Small Claims Kit by Law Pack publishing Ltd, which contains all the forms that you could possibly need in paper form and also on CD-ROM together with a very simple instruction manual and lots of examples.

We recommend that you buy these if you can. You will be pleased that you have done so.

These have already been purchased and have been used to good effect by our Users.

Even if you do not register onto The Consumer Action Group forum, you should not simply begin trying to claim your penalty charges. You should start off reading as much of the forum and material as you can possibly manage in about three days or so. There is a lot of material but there is a lot to be learned.

If you have registered you will also be able to access the main FAQ in red in the Bank Action Group part of the forum and also the template documents which you can modify to suit your own claim for your bank charges. You will also be able to post questions about your claim to recover your bank charges or to let others know how your claim to recover your excessive unfair bank charges is progressing. However, you should still read around first.

This forum is about empowering yourself. It is about taking the control of your bank account and your money away from the bank and returning it to yourself. It is important that you feel confident about what you're doing and if you find that at every step of the way you are in a panic or that you don't understand the reasons for what you're doing you will find the business of challenging your bank rather uncomfortable.

However do understand that we have now over 30,000 users and we are not aware of anyone of our Users who has failed to recover excessive unfair bank charges. The fact is that the charges are unlawful and although some of the banks will attempt to bluff you all the way into the court process, so far our experience is that they always pay rather than go into the court.

If you have a look at our bank charges survey you will see that about 700 of our users have recovered over third £1 million and we estimate that this is only about 25% of the people who have actually recovered their money.

This forum was set up by BankFodder and Dave. The day-to-day running is carried out by Bankfodder and by Dave and a group of public spirited moderators. Running the forum is a very busy matter. If you have particular questions or particular anxieties please start off by posting your query within the forum. You can be almost certain that within a day or so you will have a number of very good responses from other users who will have had experience of your particular problem

Also, please understand that this is an open forum and it has become a useful resource precisely because people post the questions for all to see along with the responses which they attract.

Please try to avoid posting direct private messages to the administrators or moderators of the forum. We are already far too busy and also your questions and responses do not benefit the rest of the Userbase.

If you end up having to start a court claim, please let Admin have your details for entry into our litigation section. If you need to update your details later please include a link to your case entry in order to make it easier for Admin to make the amendment.

If you have to send a private message about any post, please also include a link to that post.

If you have registered, then this applies to you:-


Please check your profile settings. You will see that you can join one or more additional user groups. We suggest that you join the ones which apply to the banks which you are with. This will able us easily to let you have special news or announcements concerning claim issues with your bank.

We also recommend that you do accept emails to notify you of private messages. In this way, you will not always have to login to the forum to find out if someone is trying to contact you.

We wish you good luck in your claim to recover your money -- and also we hope that you will find the experience interesting and even enjoyable!

This forum is free but there are expenses to meet which are paid for out of the pockets of its founders: Bankfodder and Dave. However we now accept donations and are grateful to receive any contributions which you care to make once you have recovered your money from the bank. Please bear in mind that the cost of the legal help and advice you are getting on this forum to recover your money would probably be in the region of at least £3000 per claim. You are also reclaiming money which you probably did not imagine that you could get back and which you never expected to see again.

Even a small donation will be of help and will be very much appreciated.

The forum is growing quickly and the expenses of running it are becoming more serious. Also, we are surprised to find that many people who recover their money do not make any contribution at all.

Please help us. Please donate something. Please don’t just get you money and go off. This is not a money-making venture.

If you are on benefits then you should not make any donation at all.

We also offer for sale or provide links to certain materials which we consider to be highly essential to the effective recovery of your money. If you do purchase through our forum then we will make a commission. However if you prefer you can buy them off forum but the important things that you have the necessary materials to do the job.

Please don't forget our Donate Button!

All the best,

Dave and Bankfodder
The Consumer Action Group

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