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Government in bed with the Insurance companies.

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I do believe in the principles of the good people on the consumer action group and have enjoyed reading all the problems and often good advice given to members.

Just wanted to highlight a potential threat to every ordinary persons 'access to justice' if the changes to personal injury law proposed by MP Chris Grayling do go ahead this year/next year.

Contrary to popular media nonsense these Personal injury claims are not fraudulent - these are real people who have been hurt and effected by the lack of willing to properly compensate peoples losses by the insurance companies.
Most of these claims are valued low in the first instance by insurance companies and eventually argued up by solicitors fighting to get proper compensation for their clients.

Lots of media would have you believe that lawyers are the reason insurance quotes go up. I think that is nonsense.

There are various are some

1. Lots of people stop buying other sources of insurance during a recession so insurance companies milk the one that is compulsory insurance.

2. Insurance companies are too large often over staffed, definitely over paid and they make too much profit.

*lots more reasons but I wont go on..

I do think the Government are in bed with these big companies and people should not be swayed by the nonsense.

In the future I genuinely fear for people needing legal assistance.

The access to justice is being taken away in marital disputes, on legal aid, through the civil courts, criminal courts and now this personal injury law proposed change.

People genuinely hurt in an accident WILL have the access to justice is removed by this MP .... IF ....Mr so called Justice Sec Chris (never had any legal experience) Grayling gets his way.

10-1 odds when he retires as an MP or perhaps some time in the future it would not surprise me if he and/or his supporters get a job on the board of a insurance related company.......any takers?

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  1. speedfreek's Avatar
    You're some 20 years to late.

    UNUM - Peter Lily (Con) & the Social Security Advisory Committee!

    No conflict of interest as Private Eye stated at the time the 2 out of 5 positions shaping the Health Work and Wellbeing (DWP Program) of the nation is controlled by a major nasty US insurance corp!
  2. Conniff's Avatar
    Most of these claims are valued low in the first instance by insurance companies and eventually argued up by solicitors fighting to get proper compensation for their clients.
    That's not how I see it. The higher the payout, the bigger the fee the ambulance chasers get as they always take a percentage.
    They don't have you and me at heart, they only have themselves.
  3. 1blonde's Avatar
    Actually that is not correct - they 'ambulance chasers' as you call them are on the side of people who are injured. Once did a case where a young girl was paralysed for life and the insurance companies offered 10 thousand pounds. Would you be happy to accept that if it was your daughter?

    You know nothing of the costs involved or what I do or do not care for do you? So please think about what you say before you just come out with nonsense- Personal injury lawyers are on your side if you are injured otherwise why do people use us to fight their corner? The insurance companies are the other side and they try to limit the amounts they are obliged to pay because they like everyone else want to make profits.

    Don't believe the media hype.
    and we did not used to take a percentage of your fees at all you are wrong. No win no fee existed up until the Government and the insurance companies who sponsor the Government got together to stop this - the result is this - if you are now unfortunately injured in an accident that is not your fault you now have to pay to claim and I think this is unfair which is the point of what I am saying if you listen.

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