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New Tier 4 visa criteria for foreign students looking to study in the UK

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by MARTIN3030 on 24th November 2010 at 01:24 (5010 Views)
This blog attempts to outline the new tier 4 visa,which applies to student visa applications.

The new tier 4 visa imposes more rigorous entry procedure on non EU/EEA visa nationals who are coming to the UK to study.

The changes mean that all visa nationals coming to study at a UK college or university will now have to apply for a tier 4 general visa,also referred to as an Adult Student Visa.
In practice this means that when a student is applying certain requirements will need to be fulfilled which will include providing the following;

1.Original document (s) showing qualifications.

2.Proof of adequate financial resources.

3.A confirmation of Acceptance For Studies (ACS) from the accepting college/university.
This is a unique reference number which confirms details required by the Home Office.

4.Biometric information.

5.An ATAS certificate (if relevant)

Satisfying all the above will award the applicant 40 points which are required for a visa to enter the UK to study.

The 40 points are awarded on submission of the application form with the required supporting documents and CAS from the accepting college/university.
The CAS will show that the application to study in the UK has been made to an approved education provider,and that the course is one being of an acceptable level.
In addition evidence that there is sufficient financial means to cover fees and living costs for a maximum of 9 months.


30 POINTS=Doing a course at acceptable level and CAS from sponsored college (inc docs)

10 POINTS=Having enough finances available to cover fees and living costs (also known as living costs ) for up to 1 year from application.
Supporting evidence by way of bank statements or letter to show evidence.


The length of the visa is dependant on the length of study course.some examples are below.

Example 1.Degree level 1 year and above=Full length of course plus 4 months after end.

Example 2 Degree level 6 months or more but less than 12 months=Full length of course plus 2 months after end date.

Example 3 Pre-Sessional (course to prepare pre-study) Less than 6 months=Full length of study period plus 1 month.


Bank statements submitted or letters showing finances available should show that monies were available for a period not less than 28 days previously to the date of application.
The bank account must be in the applicants name.
If it is a joint account, one of the named account holders must be the applicant.

Parent/guardians bank accounts can be submitted but should be accompanied by a letter of support and proof of relationship.
When considering finances these will be equated using sterling GBP not local foreign currency.
Applicants that have already made part payments,for fees or accommodation costs are required to submit the receipts as these can be deducted from the balance of the bank account balance evidence.
Electronic receipts are not acceptable as proof.


If being sponsored by Government or other body,evidence must be provided by official proof from any such sponsor with the visa application.
Evidence should include how much the sponsor is paying towards fees and living costs.
If a sponsor is paying a proportion of the costs,then this amount can be deducted from the balance on the submitted bank statement at time of application.


Details of biometric requirements which include finger prints and photograph will be provided by letter following submission of visa application.

A list of Gov approved sponsors as of 23/11/2010 here;

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Updated 24th November 2010 at 03:12 by MARTIN3030

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