Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

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  1. iwannawinlotto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by iwannawinlotto
    really feel for you on this one, absolutly infuriating !
    i would definatly try and take it up with the branch manager, Take a print of this story and take it in to see the manager squirm-at least that should give you some comfort.
    just realised how old this post is. Must of got it sorted out by now!
  2. iwannawinlotto's Avatar
    really feel for you on this one, absolutly infuriating !
    i would definatly try and take it up with the branch manager, Take a print of this story and take it in to see the manager squirm-at least that should give you some comfort.
  3. sarahsacc's Avatar
    Here! Here so very well said MARTIN3030.

    I would like to add to your blog by saying that I would welcome the opportunity for all of the above to reopen for business in this country one major problem I foresee is the workforce we would need to keep these companies going as most young persons do not want to work? I have employed 6 young people over the last 12 months and I have let them all go because they were so lazy and unreliable and whenever they were asked to do more they either couldn't or wouldn't! That said I have an extremely excellent 18 year old adminicon assistant in my office so she is the exception to the rule - I wonder though if she would be so good if her job was more physically demanding? Please do not take offense by my comments as this is the personal experience that I have had.

    We seem to have a youth culture that want to do the bear minimum for top rates - meanwhile back on planet earth we know that this is not possible! I started my working life at 11 years of age and I have grafted hard all my life as like your self you either left school to go into a job (college was for the brainy) or you went on the dole.

    I enjoyed the sense I pride that I had that I had my own money and the self-satisfaction that I had earned it all by myself it was not a hand-out as it is today. I was disgusted with my own daughter the other day because she thought someone was getting more Tax Credits than she was!!

    What have we become as a nation???
  4. MARTIN3030's Avatar
    From 14th November Business link website will be changing to incorporate recent changes and new initiatives for new business start ups as well as resources for existing ones.
  5. ArtisanUK's Avatar
    If you want to be quite accurate, the decline of the British manufacturing base has not just been over the last 40 years - it started a long time before then. Part of the problem was - and still is - the availability of capital for investment: with financial institutions offering apparently good returns on a short-term basis even though nothing is actually made, and manufacturing industry offering possibly poorer returns on a longer term basis which would be at the mercy of the markets, it is hardly difficult to see why investment of capital in manufacturing industry became less attractive.

    From a historical perspective, the only astounding aspect of the decline of British manufacturing was that it took as long as it did.
  6. ArtisanUK's Avatar
    At least halifaxicon didn't have a full inbox, thereby preventing you from contacting them. 8-)
  7. MARTIN3030's Avatar
    Yep since then I have had even more problems.
    I tried to do a transaction with an overseas business.
    First transaction ok.
    Later same day I did another,this time on checkout trolley it came up as card declined.
    I tried another 2 times-same again.
    Decided to try a UK company-card declined again.
    In morning called Halifax card banking services-after navigating all security finally got through to an advisor.
    He put me on hold for 15 mins then came back-he said your card was blocked as security measure because you tried to make a seconf transaction to Ukraine.
    I said it was legit.
    He said ok card will be unblocked.
    Balance looked ok I knew what I had as you do.
    Day or 2 later tried to buy something online.
    Said no available funds yet showed good balance.
    Called them again-after 15 mins get through and do checks.
    Guy says you are actually overdrawn.
    I said thats impossible.
    He said will send statements.
    I went through all pending transactions and worked out the real balance.
    Called again...erm what is this amount for xxxx ?
    You have 4 transactions going through they told for Ukraine airlines.
    I said Noooo its only one.
    I said card was declined.So no booking made.
    They said sorry-you will need to contact airline and ask them to cancel requests.
    After an hour trying to call airline with no joy,decided to email them explaining situ.
    They actually replied after 1 hour..No sir our systems show only 1 booking no more.If you did not get a conf email then no further bookings have been made.
    Phoned Halifax again...another 30 minutes.
    Was getting pretty frustrated by this point but did keep calm,
    Told them I had already called 3 times.
    Ok dont worry we will cancel the requests.
    But if the airline come back later requesting payment-you will be liable.
    I said how can they come back later and request anything since no transactions were completed ?

    Thought it was sorted till next day.

    Account again showed no available funds yet balance was ok.
    By this time was getting really cheesed off.
    Another 30 minutes and they sorted it.
    Next day was in town and tried to withdraw some moneyfrom ATM.
    Said no available funds.
    Went straight to Halifax branch and queued for 25 minutes to use the phone there.
    Gets through and have to explain all again.
    Turns out another pending transaction which I said was not even completed.
    After 15 minutes in which she said she was consulting with manager,she said ok its sorted now we are very sorry.
    I checked my talk talk online account and saw that the calls had added more than a fiver to my bill.
    That is actually representing 25 of my total call charges costs for all of November.!!
    Best of it is -when you look at your account online theres no trace of the errors-they juggle things to lose any trace.
    Even transactions are out of sync.

    So if you do a transaction online and your card fails to go through-dont try to do it again.
    Seems even if it fails-Halifax release an authorisation code.
    This can take you overdrawn.
    I am going to be taking this up with the regs-not before writing to BOS demanding a refund of my call charges.
  8. loopinlouie's Avatar
    Goodness mess things up and then try to flog products, typical bank xx
  9. MARTIN3030's Avatar
    Id and then passed it down phone.
    Ok said woman-now will pass you onto another adviser to reset your password.
    Waited 2 minutes then phone went dead.
    So tried to call again press 1 enter account details etc.
    Auto message came-sorry your account access has been suspended wait for an advisor.....after another 5 minutes came advisor.
    She said password please
    I said thats the reason I am calling-you are supposed to give that to me !!
    She said you will need to show ID in branch.
    I said I did that 10 minutes ago.....she said can you ask a staff member to come to phone ?
    I couldnt believe it...and neither could same woman ...she said sorry about this.....
    Ha Ha...not as sorry as I was for bothering to go in.
    It was now 90 minutes and I still was no sooner to speaking to anyone.
    Meantime I glanced around and there were 4 counter cashiers free and also customer service desk-yet here I was being unable to go near there just to get a simple answer.

    Anyway I get through finally and have security reset.
    You will need this for next time you call us she said.I told I wouldnt be doing it in a hurry-online banking is ok until you need to speak to a human-and even then its a nightmare.
    Turns out that a supplier I did a recent transaction with using card over phone has duplicated the debit.
    One payment has gone through and shows so on statement.
    They need to ask them to cancel it.
    They gave fax number and authorisation code.
    So all weekend was unable to withdraw any money.
    theres 200 frozen on account of a request for 255.87
    Effectively they cant pay it and so cant charge me for being overdrawn.
    I know they wont be so fast to release it-they will say-ohh we havent had the request yet.
    Now they KNOW we are not able to check THEIR systems.

    I nhave emailed the company who made the error and said I will be claiming any additional costs from themIf I need to borrow any money I will also be handing them the bill.
    So I know they will sort this quickly......I hope more quickly than Halifax were to look into the questions.

    This easycash account is a joke.

    The advisor even had the nerve to ask if I had considered a current account and other couldnt make it up..

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