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  13. Personal Guarantee
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  20. Disputing small debt with Bailey and Bailey Enterprises DCA and court process
  21. Faulty Bath from Victoria Plum
  22. building min contractor has locked us out of our home, and refuses to carry out the job
  23. Roofing job gone bad - who do we go after?
  24. Can I hold my carpenter responsible for rotten floor due to inadequate damp proof?
  25. How does a 'stay' work in a small claims case?
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  33. SUNNY BEDROOMS & KITCHEN LIMITED poor workmanship of built in furniture
  34. Cavity wall compensation
  35. Problems with Bathroom fitter C.P Hart
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  40. Builder has issued a Letter before Claim over a disputed Build Cost
  41. STL heating - Incorrect Boiler Installation
  42. Struggling to get a refund from EnviroTherm Group
  43. Advice please on company registrations
  44. The Nottingham energy Centre
  45. Builder made me order and pay for materials, but taken some of it!
  46. Customer refusing to pay for work completed
  47. Safestyle UK window installation.Cracks in wall above windows.
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  49. Bathroom disaster
  50. Wife nearly killed by builder