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  17. Watchdog tonight - "I'll send in the bailiffs"
  18. GOVERNMENT TODAY CONFIRMED: Nearly half all bailiff's are UNCERTIFICATED
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  21. "Horrifying" data protection abuses - report
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  23. Clamped man clamps clampers !!!
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  26. CCS ENFORCEMENT SERVICES LTD......in trouble again !!!
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  28. How To Complain To The Court About A Certificated Bailiff.
  29. Drakes codes of practice
  30. Bailiff aressted. (an interesting read)
  31. Granny "terrorise to death" by bailiffs
  32. Baliff Petition 10 Downing Street
  33. BUSTED! The OFT says DKB Collections Ltd has committed a criminal offence!
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  36. Lets ask Chief constables their Baliff policies.
  37. A campaigners diary of the Test Case
  38. Bailiffs to be subject to more regulation: BBC link 170308
  39. Distress could be UNLAWFUL if levied on a public highway.......
  40. watch with interest BBC talks to a bailiff
  41. Drakes Group........have Gone..........
  42. Council Tax rebel jailed for 2nd time
  43. Merton Bailiff Services.... WRONG BAILIFF CHARGES !!!!
  44. Out of times are going to cost 35 from monday week
  45. Are jbw enforcement limited collecting off you ?
  46. Councils - Is the supply of your details to bailiffs an offence under the Data Protection Act
  47. The SIA will NOT be the new Regulator of Bailiffs.
  48. Council Tax..check the amount of the Liability Order !!!!!
  49. Do local authorities not notice these boards ?
  50. MAGISTRATE COURT FINES. Template of a Statutory Declaration.