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  12. Debt-hit soldiers are targeted by 3,300% payday loan firm... in MOD's own magazine
  13. Army faces huge bill for victims of rough justice
  14. Rossendales and council tax benefit overpayment not owed guy is PTSS vunerable VET - help
  15. Injured troops to receive 7,000-a-year for life
  16. A NEW mental health service for veterans and reserves has been launched in East Yorkshire
  17. New Veterans Support Centre - Nottingham
  18. Victory for Arctic Convoy veterans
  19. CAB benefit, Consession Armed Forces
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  21. Armed Forces Covenant **Correct as at May 2015**
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  24. Iraqi Interpreters welfare assistance ?
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  26. Cyprus - arrangements for Service Personnel, dependants, UKBC & War Pensioners
  27. Scotland leads support for UK Armed Forces
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  30. Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) **Correct as at Aug 2017**
  31. Scottish housing guide, people leaving the forces and ex-forces **Correct at Aug 2017
  32. War Pension and other benefits
  33. council tax benefit denied soldiers ex wife can they do it
  34. Taking the government to court over benefit issues
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  36. MOD Redundancy Calculator **Correct as at Aug 2017**
  37. EHRC Welcomes Supreme Court ruling on armed forces and human rights protection
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  39. The armed forces covenant (libor) fund **Correct as at Aug 2017**
  40. Foreign National
  41. Armed Forces Pensions **Correct as at Aug 2017**
  42. What Benefits ?
  44. Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces **Correct as at Aug 2017**
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  48. Armed Forces Legal Action (AFLA)
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  50. Flats for veterans in Glasgow - apply now!