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  1. HMRC offers penalty reprieve for higher rate taxpayers
  2. HMRC rapped by following team leader theft of £10k from corporate credit cards
  3. Warning on historic tax returns issued
  4. HMRC admits over half mistakes are their fault !
  5. Clegg demands new wealth taxes and warns against further spending cuts against the poor.
  6. JJB Sports sell off hampered by HMRC Tax investigation
  7. £1m homeowners to be targetted by HMRC in coalition anti affluence crackdown.
  8. City lawyers to be targetted in latest HMRC tax avoidance crackdown.
  9. Taxman wins stamp duty avoidance case (LTSD)
  10. HMRC to pursue non return of S/A from previous years from today
  11. MPs concerns over Public sector Tax avoidance including BBC employees
  12. Hanging on phone for HMRC cost public £136m
  13. HMRC warns of fake rebate emails
  14. Tax refund email [problem]s
  15. 10 excuses that won't work with the taxman
  16. Angela Knight: Osborne’s new tax guru? The defender of the indefensible
  17. HMRC and Ebay selling