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  1. parking place not designated for that type of vehicle - twice in same day
  2. PCN for failure to display Equita Bailiffs
  3. Forgotten to display residents permit **Appeal Upheld**
  4. Allowed to park in new bay?
  5. PCN and NTO received but no make and model - invalid?
  6. Parking Contravention 46:Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway)
  7. Parked on kerb outside Disabled persons house. Ticketed by Camera!!!
  8. Birmingham Priory Queensway South towards Masshouse Lane Bus Lane PCN
  9. appealing against adjudicator's decision
  10. kensington and chelsea **Appeal Upheld**
  11. PCN - Council claiming money by deception. Please Help!!!
  12. pcn31 for 'entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited'
  13. Parking ticket > employer paid it...............
  14. No evidence for time plate
  15. 2x NTO's received for tickets that weren't present!
  16. Ticketed at 4.30AM
  17. What does this confusing sign actually mean?
  18. PCN today, do i have legitimate grounds for appeal **Won at Tribunal**
  19. Lambeth again, moving traffic PCN with CCTV but no warnings. Only 4 days to reply!
  20. Charged Notice received, No reply of representation against PCN
  21. Two PCN within 6 minutes of each other. **1 now cancelled**
  22. Wrong colour on PCN
  23. Unsuccessful Appeal of PCN - Can I appeal again or do I have to await NTO
  24. Does a bus lane need to have the blue time restrictions?
  25. PCN for Bus Lane. Any Advice Please?
  26. PCN through CCTV camera for 'parking' in a loading place for goods vehicle only (Code:23L) **PATAS Appeal Allowed**
  27. Urgent Help Required for PCN Contravention 62J
  28. PCN for parking on resident's bay only on Bank Holiday
  29. PCN inconsistances.
  30. PCN Contravention code 12
  31. Parking 3 inches in a yellow line
  32. yellow line inside a parking bay
  33. Council PCN
  34. Car towed away by police no pcn
  35. son - parking in a permit space without a permit
  36. Council Parking Ticket - missed appeal time - help!!
  37. PCN for parking in a Goods Vehicles Only bay - should I pay?
  38. Mistake on a visitor parking permit got a pcn- help
  39. NtO issued after failed payment
  40. 32D PCN - Help please
  41. Residents Bay or P&D Bay
  42. parking on own property
  43. Pay Display Local Authority-Signage **Ticket Cancelled**
  44. Response to PCN Challenge sent by email and not received - Can someone clarify please?
  45. PCN, allegation of parking whilst momentarily stopped on let
  46. PCN are they allowed ?
  47. SUCCESS STORY with advice on how to fight unfair PCNs (parking in a business bay without a valid permit)
  48. Can they issue you a ticket while you're at your car?
  49. Parked in a taxi rank for 10 seconds!
  50. An Odd Request by a Council