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  1. Petition against Bailiff clamping for parking offences
  2. Epetition-End the legal loan sharks. Let the govt know how you feel.Biteback time.
  3. ePetition against The Great UK Broadband Speed Con
  4. The 1977 Rent Act...................... .epetitions
  5. E-petitions - Bailiff and HCEO misconduct-please sign.
  6. FairFuelUK
  7. Refund Bank Charges
  8. Make automated phone calls to private numbers illegal
  9. e-petition Leave Freedom of Information alone
  10. Please spend 5 mins and help 250,000 incurable people
  11. Credit Check to get a job
  12. Banks that have manipulated the Libor rate........(Barclays)
  13. Stop outsourcing of public contracts - e petition
  14. Make the bankers responsible for their poor behaviour
  15. Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people
  16. Socket Covers - Please support e-petition calling for regulation
  17. Urgent- Please Sign This Petition to Keep A Free Internet
  18. Government legislation and mobile fraud
  19. Petition against Insurance 'administration' charges
  20. Please sign petition to review Statute Barred debt period from 6 - 3 years.
  21. Important! Campaign for a living wage for all, sign this petition!
  22. Campaign to make Cycling Safer
  24. Petition regarding charging order bankruptcy thresholds
  25. Clean Up Britain - Litter
  26. Legal Aid reform : Price more important than justice
  27. "Stop Benefits Discrimination and remove ATOS!
  28. Ban TV advertising of payday loans
  29. Term Time Holiday Fines
  30. National Service Bill
  31. please Help me sign e petition
  32. JSA(c) - unfairness
  33. Stop unlawful repossession of a families home
  34. Petition: petition to clean up the financial enforcement industry
  35. Please sign the new petition for my murdered daughter Annie and Colin - articles about Annie!
  36. David Cameron: Stop the 11% pay rise for MPs' salaries
  37. Total Ban on Advertising of Gambling, including Television, Internet and Radio.
  38. Campaign to stop Banks and Retailers reporting to Credit Agencies for non existent debts
  39. Petition govt to end wrongful defaults - Supreme Court ruling due early 2014.
  40. E-Petition - everyone please sign . Re. Debt Purchase and unfair Statutory Demand and Bankruptcy procedure use.
  41. E-Petition - Let GP's do fit for work assessments instead of ATOS
  42. Which e-petitions have been successful?
  43. Campaign to stop banks creating money from nothing
  44. petition again Blemain Finance and its companies
  45. Eviction: the fraud of the bank
  46. Please show your support for our firefighters pensions
  47. Sign my petition to introduce compulsory registration of all landlords and letting agents
  48. Battle of Britain chapel threatened with closure
  49. Driver to receive maximum sentence of 14 years per person that has been killed
  50. Should Ergophobia (Fear of Work) be recognised as a valid medical condition