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  1. Welcome to the cag rural communities forum.
  2. Environment Agency Contact Details.
  3. Rural Payments Agency
  4. DEFRA. UK government department for the environment, food and rural affairs.
  5. The cuts and how they will effect the countryside. Many government departments have been closed or moved !
  6. A very useful internet tool for measuring distance and area.
  7. Scottish agricultural rent review case. Morrison-Low v Paterson
  8. 77 community projects receive 54m from Rural Development Plan for Wales
  9. Jobs in the Environmental Sector.
  10. Phytophthora, potentially the biggest blight to the contryside since Foot and Mouth
  11. Post Office Closures, Start your own ???
  12. Types of Rural Communities - from Wikipedia
  13. The Commission for Rural Communities
  14. High Speed Two (HS2 Ltd) For or Against ??
  15. How does my boyfriend weigh some trees he has taken down.
  16. Catchment Sensitive Farming Capital Grants Scheme
  17. Cost compaison between heating fuels.
  18. EU Energy Taxation Directive could increase tax paid on farming fuel
  19. Forestry Commission
  20. The National Heritage List for England
  21. Land reform faces human rights battle in Scotland
  22. Please Help - Objecting to planning approval
  23. Further boost to rural broadband
  24. Farmland reaches record highs
  25. Important !! Common Agricultural Policy review post 2013
  26. Transfer of private sewers 1 October 2011
  27. Minerals royalties relief
  28. Renewable Heat Incentive launch delayed
  29. Free Entry Level Stewardship advice from Natural England !
  30. National Park expansions in the Lakes and Dales. Are you effected ??
  31. I need the Irish community knowledge, people who understand grazing rights
  32. Keeping livestock (sheep) for own consumption?
  33. Campaigners fight rural bank closures
  34. CAP post 2013: greening, Ecological Focus Areas and permanent grasslands
  35. Spray irrigation restrictions
  36. Tenant Services Authority RIP
  37. Milk Link merger would be the end of the Milk Marketing Board era
  38. Cameron's 'Greenest Goverment Ever' undermined by Osborne as Windfarm subsidies are threatened.
  39. Dairy farmers 'pushed to brink' with price cuts
  40. Amenity land!!!!
  41. Access to my property
  42. Food prices expected to rise after second wettest summer on record
  43. DHL service point provider
  44. School making house worthless
  45. Neighbours continually parking on my drive advice needed
  46. rural council tax
  47. Incorporating Council-Community Discussions?
  48. Right of way/access issue
  49. Mud on the road - not sure what to do
  50. Dyke next to property