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  1. Bosses most at risk of ID theft
  2. How credit card firms assess borrowers
  3. Data safety at top of the agenda
  4. Lenders lift family credit bans
  5. Top UK sites 'fail privacy test'
  6. Should we carry ID cards?
  7. Should we be made to carry ID cards?
  8. Financial Contacts - Borrowing and Debt
  9. Firms breaching data protection
  10. Ask the expert: My ex's debts
  11. Europe diary: Belgian health
  12. Marred by poor credit histories?
  13. Bust-up with the boss?
  14. Customer data 'needs protection'
  15. Your credit rating explained
  16. More data lost after laptop theft
  17. Threat of fraud 'looms for years'
  18. How worried should people be?
  19. Q&A: Protecting your identity
  20. Reclaiming your identity
  21. Credit rating service goes online
  22. Hoon defends giant database plans
  23. Credit data firm to cut 300 posts
  24. Bailiff admits to privacy blunder - Martson's
  25. New giant database will store private details of EVERY person in 'Big Brother' Britain
  26. Experian finance boss: We're in untested waters
  27. 1st Credit becoming increasingly infamous (Sky News report)
  28. Firms bought secret personal data on staff - privacy chief
  29. ICO seizes covert database of construction industry workers
  30. ICO prosecutes Middlesex law firm
  31. ICO prosecutes Knightsbridge law firm
  32. 'We slipped through the Experian system and it cost us our dream home'
  33. Data protection advice please? Have bailiffs breached law?
  34. Opt out of Phorm
  35. New guidelines from Credit services Association
  36. The problems of protecting privacy
  37. Credit agencies face watchdog action
  38. Money Box - 4 May 2002
  39. Cameron's data speech in full
  40. Techniques of the tracing agent/ PI
  41. Warning over fees scam
  42. Credit firm pledges tighter security
  43. '60,000' devices are left in cabs
  44. Tesco drinks coupons under fire
  45. Identity fraudsters leave footprints on your credit file
  46. Losing your identity
  47. Office of Fair Trading to probe use of personal data by online retailers
  48. Experian's revenue falls 18 per cent
  49. Can we trust the credit agencies?
  50. Can a Bank affect your Credit History?