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  1. The challenges facing China's disabled
  2. Salon 'shooed' disabled teenagers
  3. Disabled woman's bus trip 'test'
  4. Event highlights disability pride
  5. 'Disability can have an upside'
  6. Worker wins 'Christian only' case
  7. Bike show axing 'discrimination'
  8. Post Office challenge to go ahead
  9. Woman angry over poor bus access
  10. Rent unpaid by Ulster-Scots body
  11. Legal ruling win for care mother
  12. Legal ruling win for care mother
  13. Woman 'left in waste' in hospital
  14. School apologises to autistic boy
  15. Concerns at special needs changes
  16. HIV fire service man sues brigade
  17. Disabled 'face suffering in NHS'
  18. Dyslexic student's exams battle
  19. Report due on disability deaths
  20. Disabled flyers given new rights
  21. Facebook allows peolple to discriminate against disabled children
  22. Stroke man's anger at bus service
  23. The path from cinema to playground
  24. Policewoman wins 55,000 damages
  25. Banking on the street
  26. Blind battle to remain S Korea's masseurs
  27. Tesco court threat over PIN error
  28. Post office closures 'unlawful'
  29. Minister quizzed on care report
  30. Could Britain have a black PM?
  31. Councils 'must provide more loos'
  32. How to negotiate during redundancy
  33. Benefits reforms to be introduced
  34. GP 'learning difficulties bonus'
  35. Justice system 'fails vulnerable'
  36. Youth offenders improve allotment
  37. Disabled group lobbies for help
  38. Deaf man wins 50K business award
  39. Councils 'must consider elderly'
  40. 17,000 for dyslexic firefighter
  41. Jerusalem Diary: Monday 1 December
  42. Woman loses post office legal bid
  43. Unemployment: Your questions answered
  44. Wheelchair woman denied bus entry
  45. Equality plans 'class war' claim
  46. 1m paid in discrimination cases
  47. Disabled youth wins legal battle
  48. NHS age discrimination 'common'
  49. Cabbie prosecuted over dog snub
  50. Gay firefighter abuse 'must end'