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  1. FSA & Cathedral Motor Company Limited (Cathedral) PPI on Vehicle Finance
  2. Fine for insurance sales 'flaws'
  3. New advice on payment protection
  4. Loan insurance probe to continue
  5. Indigestion 'busting NHS budget'
  6. Retail boss fined over PPI sales
  7. Financial complaints rise by 30%
  8. Loan insurance 'costing too much'
  9. 'Thousands wasted' on insurance
  10. Big fines loom on debt insurance
  11. GE bank fined for sales breaches
  12. Inquiry into debt insurance sales
  13. PPI sales face new restrictions
  14. PPI still mis-sold, says Which?
  15. Car dealers fined over insurance
  16. New online help for PPI customers
  17. New attack on payment insurance
  18. HFC Bank fined 1m over insurance
  19. Capital One fined over PPI sales
  20. Better deal for payment insurance
  21. Warning over loan insurance costs
  22. Crackdown on mis-selling of PPI
  23. Record fine for PPI mis-selling
  24. 'Little competition' in PPI sales
  25. What's the story with PPI?
  26. Loan insurance 'delay' proposed
  27. Catalogue sales face PPI checks
  28. Egg fined 721,000 for PPI misselling
  29. Egg fined over insurance sales
  30. Loan insurance is 'biggest gripe'
  31. Progress on PPI 'disappointing'
  32. City watchdog's fines at record
  33. ppi
  34. Banks stop selling loan insurance
  35. Banks stop selling loan insurance
  36. A Victory In The War Against Rip-offs!
  37. Banks banned from selling payment protection insurance with credit deals
  38. Loan Insurance Sales Restricted
  39. Loan insurance to be restricted
  40. Banks facing fines for snubbing PPI complaints
  41. Banks fobbing off PPI mis-selling complaints with 'goodwill' payments
  42. Loan insurance complaints rising
  43. The PPI loan sharks backed by the State
  44. Payment protection insurance price rise makes its critics' blood boil
  45. Latest April Letter to the FOS FROM THE fsa
  46. Lloyds starts legal battle to keep on milking PPI on loans and credit cards
  47. Norwich Union takes a hit
  48. Anger at PPI ban challenge from Barclays and Lloyds TSB
  49. Loan insurance sales block begins
  50. Fos Annual Review