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  1. Wardens 'to issue fewer tickets'
  2. Woman stages clamped car sit-in
  3. Family 'were chased by clampers'
  4. Safety checks on airport shuttles
  5. Ticket pursuit stopping at border
  6. Car clamping chief 'faces jail'
  7. Council takes charge of parking
  8. Car clamping woman sent to jail
  9. Men assaulted after clamping car
  10. Clamper fines couple for swearing
  11. Hospital puts clamp on ambulances
  12. Action on traffic penalty dodgers
  13. Parking firm defended over losses
  14. New penalties for unpaid fines
  15. New penalties for unpaid fines
  16. Call to clamp down on the car-clampers
  17. Crackdown on parking set to start
  18. Disabled parking law wins backing
  19. Restrictions on Halloween on hill
  20. DVLA investigation after fraudster and clamper
  21. Free parking controls at hospital
  22. Car clamping unfair say students
  23. Refunds after parking fine error
  24. Clampdown targets rogue parking
  25. Crackdown on parking in Swansea
  26. New powers to seize street drinks
  27. Drink-drive footballer sentenced
  28. Parking fine man receives 20,000
  29. Loading bay takes 1,400 in fines
  30. Boy hurt after park needle find
  31. MSPs to pass disabled parking law
  32. Council rejects pennies' payment
  33. Clamp removed from motorist's car
  34. Police blitz on illegal parking
  35. Tighter clamping rules called for
  36. Licences plan for clamping firms
  37. 1,000 vehicles clamped over tax
  38. Drivers consulted on clamping law
  39. University protest over clamping
  40. One in 10 parking tickets successfully appealed
  41. China clampdown on tech in Urumqi
  42. Outrage over parking 'vultures'
  43. Private clamping 'legally shaky'
  44. Four held in car clamping inquiry
  45. Caravaner takes clamping revenge
  46. Councils urged to curb clamping
  47. Curb-clamp council claims success
  48. Clamped shopper ends car protest
  49. Woman takes clamp firm to court
  50. Shoppers clamped for leaving site