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  1. Tips for handling this sticky situation
  2. Slightly off topic - an employee on mortgage administration
  3. Annual Bonus
  4. Try being a bit more responsible
  5. Scottish BAnks and Scottish law
  6. What we do if you ask for charges back
  7. How charges are worked out when u go overdrawn
  8. the best way to get charges back
  9. Very OT:
  10. For the bank workers.......
  11. Was on a football forum ysterday, and this response came from a guy who works at bank
  12. 2 minds
  13. Barclays appear to know something we don't
  14. Claiming charges back
  15. Maybe they are trying to get the courts on side (or am I just cynical?)
  16. Another "Screwing" Technique
  17. Avoid being charged in the first place...
  18. Motley Fool
  19. Are the Banks reading these threads?
  20. A word from the Banks?
  21. Removal of default notices on credit record?
  22. quote from a friend
  23. Let me introduce myself
  24. What would be a fair charge?
  25. Tonight- Panorama
  26. CHAPS- Is £20+ a fair charge?
  27. New Law????
  28. Have a read of this
  29. APACS your friendly financial website
  30. Students do get a little xtra
  31. Price of copy statements
  32. Hidden Charges...?
  33. Challenging information on credit file
  34. Record profits for Post Office!!!
  35. 'One of Them'
  36. bank charges
  37. The end of free banking... It'll never happen!
  38. OFT and unfair relationships
  39. Banks Workers spill some info
  40. Natwest Students - Card Misuse Does Not Apply!
  41. Info for RBS Group Credit Card Claimers
  42. TheSaint7 vs NatWest
  43. newbie
  44. Bank worker, can you advise
  45. Bank Staff
  46. Banks a lot for luring clients into red---
  47. Disraced past reg charges
  48. Honest opinon needed please
  49. T&Cs
  50. "Linked Financially" Legalities