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  2. as he informed them within 14 days he is entitled for everything to be refunded and everything cancelled. is he doing this or keeping some of the order? dx
  3. Thank you for your detailed reply. i only contacted an installer, they didn’t come out to the property. They said that they could see from the online epc that it already had insulation. yes we have the original epc, printed out from on line and I also have the original marketing brochure given to us by the estate agent with the epc also printed on it. i will have a look at the link you posted. The assessor amended the epc tonight whilst I was talking to him and emailed me across the new one. I will check to see if this is now also online and overwritten the previous one. the bungalow was built in 1988 going by the deeds. the building society did a standard home buyers survey. I will see if I have the report. what do you think.
  4. Hi You mention you got a cavity installer out to to redo the walls and they stated they couldn't do it as you already had the cavity insulation. Do you have a written report from this company that states there is cavity installation? Then you contacted the EPC Assessor directly and they stated an error had been made as none had been done. I assume you have a copy of the original EPC so I would (if you are in England or Wales) have a look at this link and enter certificate reference number to see if this EPC Assessor has actually amemded it to state none: https://www.epcregister.com/searchReport.html I can understand your furstration but IMO with the EPC if you have a copy of the original and the Assessor has stated the error and they will amend the certificate IMO I would wait till the Assessor has amended/updated the EPC error (gives you more evidence of Maladministration by this Assessor) Which Company was the Assessor employed by? Ofgem link: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/key-term-explained/energy-performance-certificate-epc This link may help explain an EPC a bit better: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-energy-efficiency/energy-performance-certificates Do you know when the bungalow was actually built/how old it is? When you were purchasing the property did you get employ your own surveyor to get a report on the property at all? Their is going to be no fast resolution to this sadly but you need to gather evidence to be able to challenge the Estate Agent/Previous Property Owner.
  5. My stepson took out credit with Klarna finance to the tune of £700 on the 3rd February One of the parts ordered was a motherboard to go with some other pc parts that got delivered on the 10th February minus the motherboard. He emailed ebuyer to be told a load of crap. there was an error on the system for that board and for some reason couldn't order another one so offered a refund. He argued that finance had already been agreed and £700 was paid to them so in effect they had the money for the board and it was saying that 10+ was available on their site. After a couple of days and 7 enotes and a complaint on trust pilot it turns out they can't order a new board on the same account if one has already been ordered and failed it has to be refunded or paid for by another payment method. they offered a refund or another board same price or cheaper but not the same one. he found one cheaper and asked for that - to be told he can't have it as it's coming from the same wharehouse. they wanted their technical team to advise on another board direct from they're shop but he said they don't have any that are 100% compatabile with what he bought to go with it. he asked for a refund last thursday 13th February and chased this up on Monday 17th to be told it has been passed onto the refunds team and she will chase this up and will let him know when it's done. Its friday 22nd now and still no news of a refund going back to Klarna and since all this they've been sending emails and even an invoice from ebuyer the other day for the full amount of the payment terms. first payment comes out 18th March but Klarna said any issues with finance issues are dealt direct with Ebuyer. How long do you think he should wait that would be considered unreasonable for a refund?
  6. If the gambling site want you to go down the fraud route then you have no choice because that it was it is. On the other hand you both could have set this up and when you didn't win anything tried to claim the money back and act all innocent like it was a mistake and you'll both get done for fraud.
  7. Hi Andy Yes I copied it because I thought our claims were very similar. And no all Lowell has sent was the two letters I uploaded today. Andrew
  8. Hi Sneezer and welcome to CAG Firstly, calm down and trust us when we say the gym or CRS will do nothing to affect your credit rating or anything else. The Site always needs Donations to keep us here to help folk but Site Staff help folk for nothing ! No payment required thanks. You say you thought the m/ship was for just 12 months but please tell us :- 1. When did you join the gym. 2. When did you last use the gym. 3. Do you know if Harlands collected the gym fees by DD each month, or another company. Give approx dates if you're unsure and we'll give you the best advice we can. Do NOT stress about this at all - CRS are well-known for chasing debts making threats they NEVER carry out. They're famous for chasing Harlands gym cases because Harlands/CRS are the same company. So Harlands threads here (100's of them) will confirm you do NOT need to worry about CRS at all. Answer the Q's above and we'll suggets if you should reclaim DD's taken from from your bank.
  9. well done you got it use MCOL but post your defence up here 1st so AOS+ CPR - do nothing more other than reading up till the time comes to post up defence.
  10. Ahh it is post 42 not 43! And you must file a defence by day 33, how do you get supplied a form from court? Do the AOS now and send off the CPR request tomorrow (get a free certificate of posting from the post office). VCS won't reply as their boss is a greedy & arrogant oaf, and that will go in your favour in court. When the time comes to file a defence, yes you can fill in the form the court sends, or you can do it via MCOL which is easier, your choice.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yes by all means change it.....I thought you had drafted point 3 and it was correct....but reading it now you have simply copied from another defence that I had previously done for another user. Lowell's did not acquire the debt until 02/04/2019 ...so have they provided a copy of the NOA now ?
  13. sorry to be a pain but why can't you READ what I posted above in post 43 repeated below: pop up on the MCOL website detailed on the claimform. . register as an individual note the long gateway number given then log in . select respond to a claim and select the start AOS box. . then using the details required from the claimform . defend all leave jurisdiction unticked. click thru to the end confirm and exit MCOL. get a CPR 31:14 request running to the solicitors [if one is not listed send to the claimant] no need to sign anything . you DO NOT await the return of paperwork. you MUST file a defence regardless by day 33 from the date on the claimform [1 in the count] ……………….. what does it say in thwe last 2 lines here ^^^ ………….. also you've already filled out this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/393251-received-a-court-claim-from-a-private-parking-speculative-invoice-how-to-deal-with-it-hereupdated-aug-2016/ it fully details the timeline. ....... ask way if its still not clear but most people seem to understand it ok... dx
  14. Sorry I don’t think you get what I mean, all I am asking is when do you actually start to defend their fictional claim using the few basic points, ‘defence will inly be a few basic std points in most no stopping threads already here.’ I am sorry to be a pain
  15. that letter is simply monthly contract charges till it's end on a service you could not use. covered by point 7 of your defence. as with all the others see post 15 too they'll discontinue this claim close to the hearing date if they push things even that far.
  16. Thread title amended go get your moneyback from your bank under the DD guarantee scheme for any months over the 12mts that your DD mandate was setup for. then write a simple letter to harlands (CRS are them in sheeps clothing) and OFFER 1 month mrmbership only..no unlawful fees. A dca is NOT A BAILIFF and have ZERO powers on ANY debt no matter what its Origin. gym debts don't appear on credit files. gyms don't do court and neither can a powerless DCA on a gym debt. should you wish to make a donation to the SITE then click our donation button below or at the left. we do not and cannot give personal advice or advice via PM.. nothing anyone can do to you go get go get your +£375 back from your bank if you don't want it we sure do!! dx siteteam
  17. Thanks Dx. I guessed that would be your answer. Do you need to see the letter?
  18. If you were driving at 59 in a 40, where there was heavy traffic : would that be compatible with you having to undertake a “risky overtake” on the approach to a crossing? So: do you believe the traffic officer is mistaken, given their witness statement?
  19. Anybody? Any thoughts / ideas / experience recovering debts under a JCT contract?
  20. Thank you so much Eric's brother. I will address all those points and thank you all for wading thru all that stuff. I have a point to add as have just discovered that the IPC code of practice forbids passing data to anyone who isn't AOS accredited or entitled thru legal activities. So the debt collectors do not qualify and that is another example of breaking the code & therefore their entitlement to DVLA data.
  21. images/posts removed . please do not post jpg picture images directly to a post . read upload and redact in jpg then convert using on of the listed websites there to convert to one multipage pdf only . that way only logged-in,registered and approved caggers are the only ones that can download and see them . else anyone can see them caggers or not. ….. you do not enter into pointless letter tennis. await if/when DF issue a letter of claim. then comeback dx
  22. Andy do I just change paragraph 3 to the following? Paragraph 3 is denied. I do not recall having received a Notice of Assignment, as stated by the Claimant. Because the rest of .3 is wrong as I didn’t even get a template letter from Lowell. All they sent was the letter I uploaded today in the above post. Thanks Andrew
  23. Odd that there is a repossessed and unsold property. are there other debts as well as the mortgage? my reason for asking is that if the property is as yet unsold, how can they claim for a ‘mortgage shortfall’ if they don’t yet know if there will be one, and if there is one how much it will be. Either the bankruptcy can be fought off on this basis, or there is more to the story. An additional factor to consider: Is going bankrupt a good or poor option for the alleged debtor? If they were considering going bankrupt but didn’t have the fee to hand : the mortgage co. might be “doing them a favour”! It depends on if bankruptcy is a good option or not for them. Often it isn’t, but sometimes it can be, with the “slate wiped clean” benefits.
  24. there is not conflicting advice simply you are rushing and NOT reading those threads i suggested. read my post carefully!! follow what is says to do for AOS online..carefully then send the CPR template to VCS. you don't and can't file anything WITH AOS. defence will inly be a few basic std points in most no stopping threads already here. IF it goes to the hearing stage after you refusing mediation {by n180} you then get N157 for allocation to your local court and a hearing date THEN you expand your defence in your WS exchange. the bottom line is byelaws overrule. dx
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