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  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me please. Last month, I received a Notice of enforcement from Jacobs. It was for a bus lane fine from Jan 2018. I had not been aware of the fine nor sent it in the post. I called the council straight away and was asked to fill out forms PE2 & PE3, get them witnessed and returned, which I did the next day. Yesterday I received a letter saying the appeal had been rejected. I am absolutely devastated, the original fine was £30, the bailiffs are asking for £408. I called the council and this has already been transferred back to bailiffs. I called Citizens Advice and they're calling be back on Monday. I want to pay the original fine and not the bailiff's fees, is there any way to do that? I'm a single parent and last Friday I was let go of from my job due to restructuring, this couldn't have come at a worse time. Any advice? Thanks
  3. If they try to pursue the matter, then as a claimant they need to evidence their claim. The things I would be looking st right now are: Was there a check in inventory, if so how thorough is this? Does it detail information on certain bulbs and include this picture in the bathroom? Does it go into detail the condition of cabinets? has evidence of the alleged damage been provided and evidence of the repair costs, what element will need to be deducted for wear and tear. has the landlord provided evidence of this alleged insurance inspection? I would question why the landlord only noted a few minor issues and part returned your deposit. Is it possible that the property sustained some flood damage after you handed it over? Some of the items claimed appear to be for you not maintaining the central heating/ heating tank. Surely these are landlord obligations and this is evidence of his own negligence?
  4. apologies if my tone was unacceptable. I really wanted to take this lot to court Anyway it's been a year since I've heard anything. The advice given to me in this thread is good and anyone in the same position should consider the same course of action
  5. Hi Andy I think It's connected, same bank account DCA is suing for, have so many excessive charges, I saw that after a received all my statements following SAR.
  6. Hi Andy I think It's connected, same bank account DCA is suing for, have so many excessive charges, I saw that after a received all my statements following SAR.
  7. Tough it proves you sent the forms They'll never go near a court after admitting that
  8. Their debt collectors are based there in the UAE... it has been known before. Worth checking the phone number is actually the banks.
  9. So I’ve had a reply to the last PAP form but this time it’s not the standard reply but it mentions my dealing with the FOS and how the FOS agreed with Erudio and how I didn’t sign their DAF but provided the SLC form. The interesting thing is the Erudio letters don’t have there letter headers on, just blank. Ill scan it up over the weekend, but I’m just wondering what is going to happen with regards to the PAP.
  10. If he does decide to take us to court, he and his wife are joint landlords on the tenancy agreement. Do both their names need to be on the court papers?
  11. Hi - Directly mostly via email correspondence, so can see their email addresses and they call me from their local numbers +971. They may have figured out all of that and put in a professional bank branded front, but that is unlike them.
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  13. Take a read of the following from post #49 onwards Andy
  14. Im not sure its a good idea to clutter your thread with discussions of claiming charges back which have no connection to this thread or court claim. Andy
  15. Being made Bankrupt and issuing a court claim for judgment are two very different things with very different processes
  16. You inform the court in your application to strikeout or defence
  17. Hzeee How are the bank engaging with you ? Is it by phone, email or post ? What approach are they using? Are you sure it's the bank you're talking to and not the debt collectors as they do lead you to believe they are actually bank employees when they are an outsourced company.
  18. no such thing. Some poor tree died just so they can write this twaddle. Can I send them a letter saying that I hold them responsible for killing the dinosaurs? File it with your other paperwork and let them waste more of their money employing some other twonk to write to you as well. IF they get as far as a PAP lba then you can let them know what you think
  19. drop point 2 as it may be true but what they mean is by entering the land the driver agreed the offered terms. Now as there was no contract as the signage is prohibitive then it never can be the case they agreed to pay the PCN You could instead say for point 2 "As there was no contract to consider the driver could never agree to pay the PCN" point 3 say " the Particulars of claim are so sparse as to be incoherent, they do not state if the cause for action is for monies due under a contract or for damages for a breach of contract. the sum claimed is greater than the amount demanded by the Notice to Keeper and so is either adding unlawful costs or there is the unlawfully applied assumption that the defendnat is the driver" point 4 state that you were not the driver at the time and then say it isnt clear in what capacity the defendant is being sued as there is no keeper liability so it is put to STRICT PROOF that the claimant show who was driving at the time. point 5 the term is CPR 31.14 request for documents (that assigns the right to enter into) contractS..... now this is longer than I would normally want to say at this point but the main part about lack of contract doesnt say anything that leads you down a blind alley so the reat is there to show Gladdys that you arent going to wet yourself and pay up. When you send this to court you are advised to send Gladdys a copy as well as it is good practice. i would send a copy to Millenium as well so they can see their money running down the drain. That way they may very well decide NOT to pay the hearing fee plus another £50 for the legal help they wont get
  20. Hi, everyone seems to be OK hanging on in there. Needless to say the management co still no help, won't intervene despite the fact that their concierge left early. Anyway, received a Keeper Liability Notice, attached. Still plan to ignore unless you advise otherwise. Thanks PCM letter March 19.pdf
  21. well they did or didnt but i did and now they have a judgetment. I got a new copy of the tomlin order which seems like the same. Anyways its in the post end of next week ill get the bailiffs in oh the irony normally its the other way round
  22. If I'm going to blame anyone (other than them), it'll be Marie Kondo. Although I binned a lot of paperwork over a decade ago & am lamenting that somewhat, I have still found one single sheet that may "spark joy". Fingers crossed not in their flinty hearts (presuming they have them). After all, I think it was here I read "Santander - the Spanish word for 'incompetent'". I've completed the SAR for Abbey as that's what following the link brings me to. I trust you. Off to Triton square (is it just me hearing try-it-on, there?) it goes, unless there's a better suggestion & then I think, having bated the Fates on five different counts, I had better not hack off my (cherished) postie or your good selves any further. Still again, I'd love to email them but haven't an email address for them & (again) I get enough anxiety via digital media as it is. This time with GDPR legislation backing the time line, OhGoodHeavens. (Bank charges last time , but it feels so long ago!) Onwards!
  23. Hi dx thanks but it does seems this reclaim letter applies to Ovd charges (mine is daily ovd charges/fees for planned and unplanned, some for about 6 months of charges are interest debited because it's high interest reward current acc. said template seems to be for Credit card late fees and over limit charges.. right? maybe BCOBS suits my case better?
  24. I'm not sure whether there is sufficient grounds to return the vehicle – but you have enough grounds anyway. However, no point in not mentioning it. It can only help you in the end.
  25. So I've had a copy of Lowell's "Directions Questionnaire Small Claims Track". They've proposed mediation, I got a copy of this on Monday but haven't had anything from the courts yet. How long do they usually take to get back to you? Is there any info off the questionnaire you need to advise? There wasn't that much on it to be fair. Note: In my last post I put that the cost was 12 months charges, it was actually 15 (I was slightly out with my maths).
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