We have a "Report Post" facility on the site. If you see a post that you think should be reported to us, click on the 'warning triangle' in the bottom left corner of the post. This will allow you to send us a message with a brief outline of the complaint and will automatically supply the link to the post in question.

A Moderator will then view the post and, if necessary, take appropriate action.

We ask all of our users to remain vigilant for any posts which contain the following;
Insulting language / swearing
Threats of violence
Racist or sexist language
Potentially libellous wording (i.e. the bank 'stole' my money)
Posts which show the wording to our templated letters, rather than a link to where they can be found
Links to commercial organisations (profit making)

This is not an extensive list


Users who have reason to complain about other users, or Site Team should address their complaint by email to:-


or contact another member of the site team by PM. To 'PM', left-click on their username - this will bring up the identification page for that user. On the left hand side you will see the option to contact via PM (Send Message).

Your complaint will then be investigated and, if appropriate, action taken if that is deemed necessary. Please be patient as this process may take some time. Please also try not to use the forums to resolve the complaint - it will likely only inflame the issue and take more of our valuable time to deal with.

If you do need to make a complaint, please try to remain factual. State as precisely as possible who and what you are complaining about.

If you feel as though your complaint has not been handled properly, you should address this to the Administrators of the site. They will deal directly with you.

Users who have a complaint against adminicon should deal directly with Admin!

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