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    Default Re: EON Victims Group

    Off topic and personal attack posts unapproved...anymore and the thread will close.

    Please keep this civil or do not post any further childish nonsense.

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    Default Re: EON Victims Group

    When all is said and done it's a dispute over £230.00.

    Offer them half (aka £115) and be done with it. They will take it as the debt is almost certainly on an aged debt portfolio.

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    I suggest you and others look at my dispute in detail noted in my letter of today's date.

    I also refer to EON latest letters of harassment under separate post.
    I will see them in court. Why the delay?


    Dr Tony Cocker /Dr J Teyssen

    UK CEO/ EON Worldwide CEO
    EON Energy Solutions Ltd 63 The Academy
    Westwood Way Holly Street
    Westwood Business Park Luton
    Coventry England
    England LU1 3DD
    CV4 8LG

    By email and Post:; , directorsoffice.complaint; directorofcustomerservice @eonenergy .com

    21 April 2017

    Dear Dr Cocker and Dr J Teyssen,


    1. We are in Dispute (please note very carefully Dr Cocker) and;

    2. Termination of Contract on the 11 April 2014 regarding Account Number 0117 1466 2330 and;

    3. Your companies reticence, uncommunicativeness, and refusal to send an outstanding and final & accurate invoice for the period 2007 to 11 April 2014 now 35 months overdue and contrary to several UK laws and simply indefensible and ;

    4. I have no wish to create further legal relations with your incompetent company after 11 April 2014 and;

    5. Your company’s continuing "course of conduct" amounting to Harassment and refusal to cease and desist such a "course of conduct” and which has occurred on multiple occasions and is further evidenced within the attachments to this letter and;

    6. Demanding money with Menaces and;

    7. Fraud and fraudulent misrepresentations and with reference to an unsolicited new and disputed accounticon Number 0151 7761 3930 and;

    8. Your company’s continuing multiple breaking of UK laws between 2007 to 2014 and between the period April 2014 to present and ;

    9. My unreserved and total rejection of any unsolicited new price changes relating to prepayment meters and their installation, change to circumstances, illegal threats of disconnection or changes to tariff information and other general terms and conditions sent to me in EON's 3 unsolicited letters the first two are dated 13 April 2017 and the third letter is dated 15 April 2017, all 3 letters herewith attached and referring to account Number 0151 7761 3930.

    10. My unreserved and total rejection of any new unsolicited price increase tariff information and other general terms and conditions sent to me in EON's " undated March 2017" letter, which in my opinion your terms and conditions are illegal and fail to comply with your companies obligations in law and hereby rejected via my email and letter dated 20 March 2017 and ;

    11. My previous written rejection of unsolicited new terms and conditions and which were received on or after 12 Feb 2016 sent by your company and rejected via my 4 March 2017 email and letter of the same date all with regard to the unsolicited and disputed new Acc Number 0151 7761 3930 and ;

    12. Breach of a Luton county courticon Order of the 21 March 2014.

    Dear Dr Cocker and Dr J Teyssen,

    I acknowledge receipt of EON Energy Solutions Ltd insincere and disingenuous three number generated letters: two dated 13 April 2017( both received 18 April 2017 and one dated 15 April 2017(received 21 April 2017), copy of same attached, 2017 and your illegal threats therein of disconnection and fitting of a prepayment, without first legally obtaining a magistrate’s warrant.

    Furthermore, I also refer you, Dr Cocker and Dr Teyssen to all of my previous correspondence on this subject including, 18 Jan, 19 Feb , 4 March , 9 June, 29 June, 3rd July, 10 July and 11 Dec , all in 2016 and my recent 20 March 2017(sent by me as special delivery/recorded delivery and received by EON on the 23 March 2017 at 08.06 at your Coventry headquarters) and to which your company's continuing reticence to acknowledge or reply to any of my reasonable letters and communications. Once again indefensible

    Your unsolicited new terms within the latest EON letter dated 15 April 2017 are rejected, which is my right in law as are your two unsolicited letters dated 13 April 2017.

    In simply terms we have no contract. I wish no legal relations with your incompetent company. As stated previously (refer to all communications there will be no payment to your company of any disputed balance and quantum or in relation to the disputed usage of electricity on or after 11 April 2014.

    I refer you to The Electricity Act 1989 and the Utilities Act 2000 and the appropriate schedule therein. I also refer you to case law in such matters. Your threats are illegal without first having obtained a magistrate's warrant. Do you have one? The answer is no. That makes your empty threats absurd and thus are prime facia evidence of harassment.

    So putting it simply, you start your legal proceedings in the Luton Magistrate Court, Dr Cocker. They will be strongly defended.

    I see your selective amnesia playing up again Dr Cocker? Are you having trouble understanding the word dispute and or your obligations and duties in law?

    These disingenuous, misleading and dishonest communications to me are prime facia evidence of you continuing campaign of harassment which is a civil and criminal offence.

    Your company’s position and conduct is most certainly incompetent, embarrassing and futile but most certainly Dr Cocker illustrates your desperation and tendency to pathological lying and dishonesty

    As previously advised in writing, I remind you EON's "rights of access to this property" have been withdrawn some time ago and also require my written agreement in advance, which you or your representatives, employees ,subcontractors etc do not have under the current circumstances and this dispute and as a direct result of your harassment.

    Please do go and seek a magistrates warrant but that will be strongly defended and I will produce this and other letters in defence. I have invited you to do so in my letters 11 Dec 2016, 20 March 2017 and 27 March 2017 to which you have failed to acknowledge or reply to. Strangely neither have I received any legal application from either The Luton Magistrates Court or Luton County Court. That speaks volumes! I was eagerly anticipating your companies’ County court application from the Luton County Court 4 months ago, on or after 11 Dec 2016.

    Dr Cocker you are the controlling mind in relation to this harassment and your conduct and refusal to cease and desist your companies’ harassment of me is unacceptable and oppressive. You and your companies multiple law breaking and harassment are bordering on the pathological. You should seek some help.

    This reticence to reply and or commence legal proceedings is simply absurd and grotesque. Plainly you and your companies’ whole position are absurd and are indefensible.

    But let me state once again, as you Dr Cocker, I will see you in court.

    So Please take Note:-

    1. We are in dispute. Fact

    2. I have no wish to create legal relations with your incompetent and unethical company and who engages in grotesque business practices following my termination of the contract on the 11 April 2014. Fact.

    3. In addition, your company’s latest attempts to fraudulently induce me into a contract has failed. Once again( refer to my previous letter 4 March 2016) , I hereby give notice that the computer generated and "undated March 2017 letter " signed by Chris Lovatt and headed " Your electricity prices will increase from 26 April 2017" and complete with the general terms and conditions" are rejected as is any alleged but denied and disputed contract for the supply of electricity and its alleged usage and your letter dated 15 April 2017 with prepayment terms is rejected?

    4. Please note Dr Cocker. I will never enter into a legal relationship with your grotesque and unethical company. Your company is incompetent, its engages in criminal behaviour and its disregard for UK laws is shocking, absurd and grotesque. It time the government took direct action to remove and or suspend your electricity supply operating licence in respect of your repeated law breaking

    5.By copy of this letter, I would ask the chairman of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Iain Wright MP to note this further EON harassment , further law breaking of Standard Licence condition SLC 25C.4 and EON'S attempts to mislead and file this letter as further evidence into the committees investigation all in relation to my allegations and complaint to said committee regarding EON's company's behaviour and breaking of multiple UK laws.

    I remind the committee and EON of the duty and obligation under Standard Licence condition SLC 25C.4 "The Standards of Conduct are that:

    (a) the licensee and any Representative behave and carry out any actions in a Fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional manner;

    (b) the licensee and any Representative provide information (whether in Writing or orally) to each Domestic Customer which:

    (i) is complete, accurate and not misleading (in terms of the information provided or omitted) ";
    Let me say simply , you and your company Dr Cocker and in all my dealing with you, do not know the meaning of honest, transparent professional manner with regard to these obligations and duties set out in SLC 25C.4 Your company have repeatedly broken this law. Furthermore there is no doubt, your company has been previously or is currently in breach of this and other standard licence conditions, made law pursuant to the Electricity Act 1989 and or other UK laws.

    6. Furthermore, there will be no payment, no consideration, on the contents of any of your invoices which contents and legality are disputed.

    7. Dr Cocker, there will be no payment regarding the terms and conditions your company issued in February 2016 and rejected by me in writing at the relevant time please refer to my letter and email and letter dated 4 March 2016, related to the unsolicited and disputed new account Number 0151 7761 3930.

    I will not pay your ****** of a company, one penny for this unsolicited and disputed new account Number 0151 7761 3930. I therefore do not owe EON the denied and disputed sum of £315.88 falsely see letter 15 April 207 sent to me recently or any other sum of money claimed by EON on any invoice on or after 12 Feb 2016 to the present date.

    The 27 Feb 2017 EON invoice and EON “undated March 2017 letter" from Chris Lovatt are prime facia evidence of your company's continuing “course of conduct" of Harassment. Your company has committed fraud with regard this unsolicited and disputed new account and continues to do so by issuing false and untrue monthly invoices all of which are falsely purporting energy usage, which is denied and strongly disputed.

    8. I also refer to you continuing harassment, fraud , fraudulent misrepresentations, failure to produce a final invoice in respect of Account Number 0117 1466 2330 now 35 months overdue, and or failure to read electricity meters accurately and within the prescribed frequency, and to ensure the proper functioning of the electricity meter and or certification of the electricity meter, all of which are obligations and duties set in law, Dr Cocker, but I suspect strongly you know that as well Dr Cocker.

    Furthermore, I am still awaiting the receipt for my final and accurate invoice for account No. 0117 1466 2330 and after I terminated the account on the 11 April 2014 after your breach of a Luton County Court Order in March 2014, which I sight as further evidence of your incompetence and unethical business practices. This outstanding invoice is now 34 months overdue. 34 months of UK law breaking Dr Cocker. Shocking but nevertheless grotesque business practices.

    9. I have no contract with your company for electrical energy on or after 11 April 2014.

    In addition, your company’s latest attempts to fraudulently induce me into a contract has failed. I also reject your unsolicited new terms and conditions and threats to install a pre-payment meter outlined in you companies letters dated 15 April 2017 and 2 letters dated 13 April 2017.

    In addition to my rejection of your “undated March 2017” letter and general terms and conditions, I turn to the matter of the alleged and disputed kWH usage indicted as estimated within all invoices issued and on or after 12 Feb 2016 to date such electricity usage is denied and disputed. I believe your company’s actions irresponsible and reckless. I will not allow you to simply attempt to brush this matter aside.

    10. I also remind you that your company is still in breach of a Luton County Court Order given on the 21 March 2014.

    11. Let me repeat what I said in my letter dated 11 Dec 2016 and 20 Mach 2017 so it quite clear Dr Cocker, I will see you in court.

    12. EON Energy Solutions Ltd under your management and control are serial law breakers and have been since 2012 and has been fined for repeat offences by Ofgem year on year. Fact.

    13. Your companies two letters dated both 13 April 2017 and separate letter dated 15 April 2017 complete with your computer generated and insincere letters of the 30 Nov 2016, " undated March 2017 letter” and undated postcard received on the 24 March 2017, is further proof of you and your companies “Course of Conduct “amounting to Harassment which is a civil and criminal offence. I have previously requested you and your company cease and desist from such a “course of action". You are failing to comply with this reasonable request.

    I repeat this reasonable requested to cease and desist from such actions. It is clear to me that you are the controlling mind behind this continuing harassment. Moreover and importantly, your failure in imposing strict liability on employees and failure to encourage them to maintain standards of good practice is ludicrous and absurd.

    Please Take Note: I will see your grotesque company in court (Magistrates or County Court I will let you choose) Dr Cocker. What can be delaying your legal application?

    You have failed to issue any pre action protocol letter for the County Court. Why is that?

    Yours Sincerely
    Mike Glynn

    cc Theresa May - UK Prime Minister, Downing St.

    cc Dr J Teyssen - Chairman of the Board of Management / Chief Executive Officer of E.ON SE.

    cc iain.wright MP ,Chair, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee at / .uk.

    cc UK National press and TV Media.

    CAGicon –EON Victims Group


    EON letter dated 13 April 2017 regrading meter signed by Claire Westword its rejection by virtue of this letter dated 21 April 2017

    .EON letter dated 13 April 2017 regarding Field debit recovery and its rejection by virtue of this letter dated 21 April 2017

    EON letter dated 15 April 2017 regarding prepayment meter and illegal threats of disconnection and or installing a pre-payment meter. and its rejection its rejection by virtue of this letter dated 21 April 2017.

    Further to my earlier post today EON's latest letters of harassment for all reasonable people to see. Will this company ever learn?

    The are becoming more absurd ever day.

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    Default Re: EON Victims Group

    Why has the wording of the Order of Luton county courticon (dated 21st March 2014) been kept from us?

    The OP keeps referring to it, but we don't know what the order was, even though the OP seems to have no problem providing other documents, even those giving the address involved.....
    OP, do you have something to hide regarding that Order?.

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    Default Re: EON Victims Group


    EON and the Link to Theresa May & her Government

    2 May 2017

    I'm reminded that the Crown Prosecution Service has until June 1 - one week before the general election- to decide whether South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay (Cons) stands trail for failing to declare spending in the 2015 election campaign.

    Now that we are into Election time of year both local and general, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the upcoming election, after all the huge hike in energy costs and law breaking of energy companies is a matter for the electorate to consider. It should be central to all energy users thinking! And now is the time to act.

    In doing so I attach two letters dated 5 May and 12 May both 2016 from Downing St both written on David Cameron's behalf. It directly relates to my dispute with EON Energy Solutions Ltd on or after " Feb 2016".

    To put the attached Downing St letters into context, I made a serious of complaints about EON's behaviour and grotesque business practice on or after 12 Feb 2016. With respect to the 5 May 2016 letter it was courteous of Downing St to acknowledge the letter and reply in the first letter and written by “Head of Direct Communications Unit ".

    The 12 May 2016 letter is written on behalf of David Cameron by Mrs T Sampson a so called “Head of Direct Communications Unit ". The proximity of both letters is important as both letters were sent by the same person.

    So imagine my surprise when reading the reply sent on the 12 May from Mrs T Sampson to note it referred to matters 2015. The 12 May 2016 letter from Downing St is thus disingenuous.

    At the time my EON complaints were in relation to events in 2016 concerning my legal dispute with EON. David Cameron was asked to apologise for this basic error in the letter written on his behalf. He did not do so. He left Office somewhat quickly. Coincidence?

    Theresa May was asked to apologise for her predecessors basic error? Theresa May has not been courteous to acknowledge my letters and reply to them from Downing St. That begs the question why? After all David Cameron did acknowledge my letters. Why the difference in dealing with the public? What is Theresa May attempting to hiding?

    The 12 May 2016 Downing St letter prepared by Mrs Sampson was in error, arrogant, indefensible and constitutes gross misconduct with regard to my affairs and complaints to David Cameron. Yet Theresa May has done nothing since taking office to apologise to me, or provide an explanation or sack Mrs Sampson. That is unacceptable in public office. It is a reckless abuse of power from Mr Cameron’s time in office and it’s indefensible from any government minister.

    Theresa May and David Cameron have been blind to common sense and deaf to reason. Both of them stubbornly refused to apologise for the disingenuous government letter dated 12 May 2016 written on the government behalf. It was inexcusable and indefensible as this is not a careless mistake by government officials. More likely it was gross interference and reckless indifference to my correspondence by Downing St and Amber Rudd's at the DECC and what has happened to that government department when Mrs May came to power, oh yes a quick reshuffle in the hope the problems of the tough questions on an energy cartel and misconduct in public office would go away? Now we have a snap election. Was again this snap decision coincidence?

    Theresa May appears to have developed the Dr Tony Cocker problem of amnesia. What could possibly be causing a delay to all correspondence from Downing St? Theresa May's position is indefensible.

    My dispute with EON and now 10 Downing St has gone on far too long with gross misconduct and government interference into my energy complaints from Downing St and other government departments. Institutional failings are at the heart of many historic events in the UK. Not compliancy, but a blatant discards for fairness, honesty and transparency. The buck stops with Theresa May as the controlling mind in government

    Mrs May government’s failure to respond to my letters of complaints is morally repugnant.

    The leads to a conclusion that Downing St and other government Departments are interfering in my affairs and complaints regarding EON and or other energy companies.

    Furthermore, Mrs May has not confirmed she has passed my recent complaints, since she came to power, to the relevant government departments. That is an abuse of public office.

    It provides a direct link between EON's grotesque business practices, Theresa May's government and Downing St. The question that needs an answer and urgently is, does this direct link include tacit approval from government of EON's law breaking? It also begs the question does this cosy relationship go much deeper than this and just how far does it extend?

    Law breaking by EON is appalling and horrendous. Have the Tories and Mrs May gone soft on law and order? Why is Mrs May refusing to act? Teflon May refuses to condemn EON Energy Solutions Ltd long list of law breaking. Her silence is disconcerting and morally repugnant.

    Mrs May was known for harassment and bullying at the Home Office. EON Energy Solutions Ltd is harassing me. I have already provided the prime facia evidence of EON's harassment in April 2017. Theresa May has done nothing. Harassment is a criminal and civil offence.

    The failure by the Secretary of State(s) for Energy and Climate Control now known as Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Mr Greg Clark's dereliction of his obligations and duties as well as that of David Cameron and Amber Rudd and now Mrs May as Prime Minister indicates a clear pattern is emerging of government interference, complicity and gross misconduct.

    We are entitled to expect courtesy, accuracy , honesty and transparency from all government departments when replying to my correspondence and not gross negligence , misbehaviour or misconduct in public office as evidenced by the Downing St letter 12 May 2016 and or Theresa May's reticence to reply to this specific letter and or all of my correspondence is a shocking dereliction of duty.

    In addition, Downing Street's lack of proper and respectful communications with me, lack of sincere apology to me, refusal to make public statements condemning EON's law breaking, refusal to condemn EON's harassment of me, refusal to condemn EON's attempts at fraud, refusal to condemn EON's misrepresentations, EON's repeated breaches of the standard licence conditions, EON's attempts to induce me into a contract when I have made it perfectly clear I wish no further legal relations with this company whom I consider incompetent and unethical, EON's grotesque business practices and EON’s anti-competitive behaviour and abusive of a dominant position, and failure to have delivered up a final and accurate invoice is all wilful neglect and an abuse of power by Theresa May. It’s clearly contrary to multiple UK laws. And all of this, in relation to a chronically sick man who has asked Theresa May and that sad old man of politics David Cameron’s for their help and intervention. EON's harassment is reckless , oppressive and unacceptable. If it happening to me it’s happening to you as well.

    And furthermore, EON's CEO Dr Cocker has had a reasonable time and opportunity to deal with my complaints and has failed to do so. It is therefore Theresa May's duty and the Secretary Of State duty and obligation to act in accordance with UK law(s) and enforce the law when EON is breaking UK law(s). EON’s “course of conduct” is starting to look ridiculous, preposterous, absurd and nonsensical, but most certainly amounts to harassment which is a criminal and civil offence yet Mrs May remains silent. Equally fraud is a criminal offence. More importantly failure to act in public office has brought Theresa May’s office into disrepute. Failing to declare spending in the 2015 election campaign is also a criminal offence. Another coincidence? Or is anarchythe new Tory unspoken policy?

    Nothing so much undermines public confidence in public institutions as the knowledge that some MP’s, Prime Minister and or public servants are posturing at the public’s expense. In my case, that is endangering my life and requires Theresa May's immediate intervention. Her position is indefensible and untenable.

    So when placing your X on the paper in the ballot box, on the 8 June or in tomorrow’s local elections please bear in mind the following questions:-

    a) In rushing to a 8 June 2017 election date did Theresa May want to crush dissent, before criminal prosecutions or civil action catch up with her?

    b) How much were the Tories fined last month over their failing to declare spending in the 2015 election campaign with all those battle buses, hotels etc.? Answer is £70,000 .Was that a reasonable fine for the Tories crime when Ofgem fine energy companies regularly "£1.00 for law breaking" or should the fine have been much greater to discourage such repeat offences? But most certainly it makes the Tories law breakers. EON Energy Solutions Ltd are also law breakers .

    c) Why did David Cameron and or Theresa May fail to stop energy companies breaking UK law? Has the Tories gone soft on law and order? Does Mrs May not have a duty to enforce UK law? Was that not her role at the Home Office for years?

    d) Why has Theresa May not corrected and or apologised for Downing St fundamental error in the letter dated 12 May 2016? That is common courtesy or been fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional on a serious compliant of EON's law breaking. Or is she trying to hide something? Is there a cover up from Downing St or other government departments with regard to energy companies behaviour?

    e) Why has Theresa May failed to ensure my letters where forwarded to the relevant government departments and why have those government departments and Ministers not actioned the complaint(s) raised, this despite repeated reminders to Mrs May? That includes Amber Rudd’s time in office and Greg Clark's time in office? Why did Amber Rudd and or Greg Clark fail to acknowledge or reply to such complaints? Shocking.

    f) It is clear that Amber Rudd and Mr Cameron were at fault and in dereliction of their duties and their conduct had fallen below the standard expected in public office. This now appears to be the case with Theresa May and Greg Clark. Will they both apologise?

    g) Why has Theresa May failed to pass the information to other Ministers when 5 May 2016 letter written on David Cameron’s behalf clearly indicates that Downing St would do so? Downing St reticence to reply and uncommunicativeness is a shocking dereliction of public duty? It is indefensible and unforgiveable and makes Mrs May’s position untenable and brings her office into disrepute.

    h) Philip Hammond lied to parliament in his budget speech with is insincere allegations of a full investigation will take place into energy companies unfair treatment of customers. This has not taken place or been released by Theresa May's government. Shocking!

    i) Now the tough questions .Now that the Brexit button has been pushed, will Theresa May immediately revoke the government levy of 5 % VAT on domestic energy bills which the UK government alleges is imposed from Brussels? Please do bring this issue up with all Politian’s you see over the next weeks. That would lower tax burden something Mrs May seems reluctant to do. Why? It wouldn’t be she sees energy users as gullible now?

    j) How much will a new elected UK government rake in directly from the energy companies’ prices of 9% to 15 % between 2016 to 2017 on the government cut of domestic VAT? Think about how much extra you will pay? Why?

    k) Theresa May denies planning a Tory VAT bombshell with a 2.5% flat rate hike thus raking in more from Energy companies’ price hikes a sort of double whammy on all UK energy users? But remember this woman does more U turns than the Belgrano!

    l) Why has Theresa May failed to act to stop inflation busting energy prices hikes? What can possibly be the delay? Introducing an energy price freeze now as her government have been leaking to their favourite press, will be like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. So will she have an alternative plan, say introduce a windfall tax on energy companies excessive profits say going back to 2013? That would fund new hospitals ,schools and show the Tories are tough on law and order? Or would that upset an energy cartel?

    m)Will Theresa May explain in detail to all UK Energy users was such huge energy prices hikes reasonable , when inflation was as low as 1.2 %? Believe me she is up to her knees in this energy rip off.

    n) Will Theresa May take immediate steps to ensure prepayment meter customers pay the same energy cost per unit, rather than 20% more for their energy?

    o)Will Theresa May reduce her government’s foreign aid spending? Will she reduce UK energy bills first for both domestic and business in order to stimulate the UK economy now we are heading for Brexit? What are Mrs May's immediate priorities domestic or foreign aid?

    p) How many Tory voters ,old age pensioners, those on limited incomes is she hitting with this indecision and filibustering over introducing energy price freezes? Will Theresa May state her government will take immediate action on the big 6 energy companies with a windfall tax on their excessive profiteering, remove domestic VAT or more in order to help all Tory voters including guaranteeing the triple lock on future pensions for the life of the next parliament?

    q) Furthermore was such energy price hikes reasonable when wholesale energy costs have not risen and or when energy companies buy wholesale energy years in advance? Again ask all Politian’s, why your energy bills are rising and not falling?

    r) How does any government, plan to repay those energy customers overcharged £1.4 billion by energy companies in 2016, primarily from the direct debiticon [problem]? Can she confirm this over payment to energy companies has already been returned to all customers affected? If not, why not? Will she order it be repaid with 14 days from now? Why are energy companies sitting on your and my money? It’s morally repugnant.

    s) Will Mrs May to take immediate action to suspend indefinitely EON’s supply licence for their 35 months of continuing UK law breaking and failure to deliver a final invoice for their services were terminated on the 11 April 2014? I refer Mrs May to UK law note at the end of this document.

    t) What has Theresa May done about the 700,000 plus customers on ECO 7 tariffs and who are been disadvantaged and identified by the CMA whitewash report? Why has there be complete inaction on these disadvantaged customers or those on pre-payment meters? Who is responsible for this cock up?

    In the CMA report it stated:-

    " In a summary of its provisional decision (PDFicon, 679KB, 46 pages) on remedies published today, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out a comprehensive and wide-ranging package of remedies to address the problems hindering competition, which it proposes to introduce following the conclusion of its investigation in June. "

    The people hindering competition in the energy market is the "Politicians". Among them is Theresa May, David Cameron, Greg Clark and the rest are the problem. They are not the solution; they are the problem using domestic energy as an indirect tax collection services in order to balance the books. That's morally repugnant when Mrs May could cut foreign aid first.

    Energy is now the government easy target for hiking costs just like they hit the motorist hard. All energy users you’re an easy target for Theresa May abuse in public office. It time to take back control.

    Ask Mrs May or any Politian where is the £11 billion coming from for the smart meter role out? Are the shareholders of the energy companies picking this bill up for this infrastructure replacement? Are the energy companies seeking private finance arrangements to cover this replacement cost of the smart meters? If not why not? It is energy companies responsibility to pay for this replacement programme. It’s there in UK law. So why are you paying for this all energy consumers? It’s taxation by the back door? So ask again why your energy costs are rising year on year. Is the Politian’s been truthful to all energy users or they acting in partnership with the energy companies and turning a blind eye to their misdemeanours?

    Then ask yourself how does the next government plan to pay the billions to EDF for Hickley point nuclear power station?

    Equally why is Theresa May or Greg Clark discriminating against the chronically ill?

    Please hold all politicians to account when they arrive at your door step or you meet them in the street or they turn up at your workplace or hospital. This energy scandal will affect you and your family. Think carefully when you vote.

    They are all in it together.

    A reminder of Dave Cameron and Theresa May's failings since 2013 on energy policy

    I am reminded of the following newspaper headline way back in 2013 :

    "Big Six energy companies 'are ripping off the public and killing all competition'

    Stephen Fitzpatrick, boss of industry minnows Ovo Energy, has accused the mega-rich Big Six of “running rings around” Ofgem".

    ."Stephen Fitzpatrick, boss of industry minnows Ovo Energy, has accused the mega-rich Big Six energy giants of “running rings around” Ofgem, Britain’s gas and electricity watchdog".
    “I think the Big Six are running rings around them,” he says. “Look at fines, for example. We’ve had years of mis-sellingicon.

    "Take SSE. Ofgem wanted a £50million fine and SSE lawyers haggled them down to £10million.

    "The regulator is supposed to protect customers, to ensure rules are being observed, but it’s unwilling to use the powers at its disposal. They are fearful of upsetting the Big Six.”

    In 2013 Mr Fitzpatrick was correct about running rings around Ofgem an organisation
    "not fit for purpose".
    What has David Cameron or Theresa May done since 2013? Nothing.
    A complete dereliction of duty.

    I am mindful of Feb 2017 and a headline that stated:
    "Head of UK’s energy watchdog Ofgem (Dermot Nolan)admitted it has almost no power to protect customers from greedy firms".

    What was Mr Nolan's financial reward for his failure to act in the public interest in Feb 2017?

    The CEO of Ofgem bagged himself a £15,000 bonus on top of his £190,000 salary.
    For failing to do his job as Mr. Fitzpatrick stated above.

    It simply is not good enough Mrs May and I hold you responsible for such ineptness. It’s time she was made to account for her abuse of public office.

    She does what the big 6 tells her to do. And costs will continue to rise as you are seen as an easy target. Time to hold this inept politician to account Ladies and Gentleman.

    Most of all, we are all being ripped off by energy companies who break UK law with complete impunity and government Ministers are complicit in these actions or turning a blind eye.

    Lastly turning to EON's law breaking , I remind Theresa May what UK laws states with regard to the standard licence condition (SLC) 27.17 made law pursuant to the Electricity Act 1989, which states:-.
    “Provision of final bill

    27.17. Where the responsibility for the supply of electricity to a Domestic Customer transfers from the licensee to another Electricity Supplier or otherwise terminates, the licensee must take all reasonable steps to send a final Bill or statement of account of the Domestic Customer’s account within 6 weeks of the supplier transfer or termination of the Domestic Supply Contract.”

    That begs the question where is my final and accurate invoice Mrs May now 35 months overdue after I terminated EON on the 11 April 2014?
    Why has Theresa May failed to condemn this EON law breaking?
    What could possibly be causing the delay to issuing this overdue invoice? If EON refuse to issue the invoice will she take steps to suspended or revoke their supply licence for their law breaking?

    The next time the big 6 hike your monthly direct debit , one of the biggest [problem]s of all, tell them to rearrange these well-known words [removed] . it’s called the Private Eye defence see link [link removed] Hold Mrs May to account tomorrow and on the 8 June 2017.
    A Voice for the Voiceless

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    You'll regret it if you don't.
    ssparks2003 Novitiate

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    Default Re: EON Victims Group

    Have you thought of including the Freemasons and the illuminati in this conspiracy?

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    Default Re: EON Victims Group

    Quote Originally Posted by ssparks2003 View Post
    Have you thought of including the Freemasons and the illuminati in this conspiracy?

    I will let you into a little secret, strictly "on the level" and between you and me! Theresa May is not a Freemanson. Fact. She is however in charge of the Tories who are or have been law breakers chief among them Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Cameron on all matters relating to energy.

    Theresa May was known for her bullying and harassment at the Home Office. EON are harassing me. Harassment is a criminal and a civil offence the last time I looked. It morally repugnant, oppressive and reckless.

    For all those right thinking people , its now fast approaching 3 years since EON account was terminated for incompetence, and untheical business practices. My advice is stay well clear of this Company.

    Where is my overdue final invoice ?.

    And yes EON still have not issued any legal proceedings ..

    Again for the record I will see you in court. I owe your company nothing.

    To all right thinking people , you have to call out outrageous behaviour. I blame Theresa May's government. There lies the root problem of all high energy billsand rip off of energy customers.



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