Call You and Yours: Buying on credit

Duration: 55 minutesFirst broadcast:Tuesday 01 April 2014
The consumer crediticon market's getting a 'tough' new regulator who's promising swift penalties for any firm or individual found not to be putting consumers' interests first. The Financial Conduct Authority's intervention should mean more scrutiny for credit card issuers, hire purchase firms, pawnbrokers and payday lenders. debt managementicon and collection firms and even providers of debt advice are also part of its new remit.
So is it too hard or too easy now to get into debt? Are we still much too reliant on borrowing in our everyday lives? How can the new regulator wean us off the debts we can't afford and stamp out the worse practices in the industry? Perhaps you've been in trouble with money, perhaps you work for a lender and can give us an inside view?
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Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Jon Douglas