I've found a freephone number for Barclays customer servicesicon.

0800 435872

This was discovered by visiting my hero's web site here

While you are there check out the cheaper phone callicon options. Personally, I use the 18866 service which makes calls to any geographical number free apart from a tiny connection charge.

If you want to find a cheaper number for any 0870, 0845 etc. number then go to

SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

and use the search facility to find the geographical and free numbers.

If you are not aware, 0870 numbers are expensive to call and while you are waiting for an operator, the company you are calling are making loadsamoney. Therefore, they won't really care how long you have to wait!!!:o

Don't let the fatherless chillen get ya!

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