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    Default CitiCards routinely asking fro transfers to Salford and to give secret evidence

    The county courticon at Salford has confirmed that they now have quite a number of cases from around the country which have been transferred to Salford and which is the home court of CitiCards registered office.

    Apparently one of CC's grounds for this is that the local court will benefit by becoming familiar with Citicards accounting procedures.

    CitiCards are also routinely asking for the judge to waive advance disclosure and to receive the evidence secretly without even allowing the claimant to know what that evidence is.

    You may have read elsewhere on this forum that a judge in Northern Ireland agreed to this request when CitiCards sprung an evidence ambush on LicktheWallFatBoy.

    As fas as I am aware, we only know of two cases which have been transferred to Salford. Clearly there up to 10 or so others in which the claimants are either not involved in this site or else have not posted their information.

    We urge anyone who has had their case transferred in this way to apply to have it transferred back and also to object to the taking of secret evidence.

    If you have issued a claim against Citicards then I recommend that you send me a private message before you retrun the Allocation Questionanniare

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    Default Re: CitiCards routinely asking fro transfers to Salford and to give secret evidence

    hi my case v citi card has been transfer to salford today

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