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    Default VEAS and DVLA fine


    I'm new to this forum and was hoping that someone could help with a problem I have.

    I declared a car SORN 18 months ago when the tax expired.
    The car was parked in a parking space but not actually on the road.
    Someone reported me to the Police when the tax expired and they came round (18 months ago) and they said it was OK where it was as long as it wasn't driven on the road. I have a note from them saying this.
    I haven't moved the car or driven it on the road since the Police visit.
    Then, on 1st April I came back and found the car clamped.
    On 2nd April I paid a 260 to VEAS (100 to release the clamp and 160 because it had no tax).
    On 2nd April (after removal of clamp) I sold the car and sent off the V5 (registered post) to DVLA with new owner details.
    On 3rd April I wrote (registered post) to VEAS disputing the fine and the fact that car was parked on the road but haven't heared back from them.
    Today I received a fine from the DVLA for a further 161. The fine relates to car being on public road without tax on 2nd April.

    I seem to being fined twice for the same offence. Once by the VEAS and then again by the DVLA.

    I don't know what the difference is between VEAS and DVLA but are 2 different bodies allowed to fine me for the same offence ? Or is this just a mistake on behalf of the DVLA ?

    Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: VEAS and DVLA fine

    It is two different matters, one is about the clamping and release fee, the other is an out of court settlement offer from DVLA for the offence using or keeping the car on a public road whilst SORN.

    DVLA contractors have been known to make 'mistakes' in respect of vehicles that were not parked on a public road and clamp them, VEAS have passed the details to DVLA who, acting on their information, are now taking action for the offence.

    Have a read of this thread, especially the last post, about VEAS!!!-Am-i-right


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